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I have PowerDirector 5.00.2112 Premium installed. My operatin system is Windows XP. I can't install the patch 2505a. I get the error message: PowerDirector 5 Premium has to be installed on this system. What I am doing wrong?
I just want to tell to the community my bad experience with the smart fit function in Powerdirector 5 Premium. Maybe this can help other users. I did create a movie out of Quicktime video clips. The size of the final movie was about 8.7 gigabytes. I did burn that movie on a 8.5 double layer DVD and I did choose the smart fit function from the video quality menu. The result was horrible. Really bad quality. First I thought, I made a mistake by choosing the wrong interlacing format of the clips. But this did not change anything for the next DVD I burned. The next what I thought was, that the quality of my double layer DVD-media could be bad. But this was not the problem. I never thought that using the smart fit function could reduce the video quality so dramatically! I found this out when I did cut my movie and its size was about 8.4 gigabytes. Like that I was able to burn the movie with high quality on a double layer DVD. The result was outstanding. So If you want to burn your movies with high quality on a DVD, better don't use this smart fit function.
I have exactly the same problem. There is really something wrong with the latest patch.
Are you using version 3.7? I had the same problem. I had no helpful answer from the cyberlink support. I did upgrade my Powerproducer 3.0 to version 3.7. Tis download is not a patch, it is a full version .After running the programm, the function "Import scene from DVD" didn't show up anymore. I have another problem wih Powerproducer 3.7: I can't start Powerdirector Express 5, which is included in Powerproducer 3.7. Powerdirector ask me a CD-key which needs much more digits than the one I got from Cyberlink.
So what a made is : I did uninstall Powerproducer 3.7 and Powerdirector Express 5. After that, I installed Powerproducer 3.0 and I did download the free patch from cyberlink to update Powerproducer 3.0 to version 3.7. The size of this file is around 40MBites.
Now. the function "Import Scene from DVD" shows up again.
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