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Now I understand how to manually delete the temp files, but the process you listed didn't work.

Lowering the preview resolution didn't work.

Again, the audio is only fine when the clip is the first clip in the movie order. Any other place and the first couple of seconds is missing.

Any other ideas?

Is someone from CyberLink going to reach out to me? I contacted technical assistance and they responded once and then stopped. Maybe give me some type of remuneration or something? I bought this product because it said it works with AVI files and it doesn't work at all with AVI files. This is very disappointing. What am I suppose to do?

That four step process didn't work. When you say Temp files do you mean the temp folder in the Windows folder?

My computer is less than a year old and have never had a problem with it. When you say your driver, which driver do you mean?

What are these beta patches? If they are issued by CyberLink then why I am installing them "at my own risk". What could happen?

If I want to do the beta patches do I need to install all of them or just the last one?

Your solution to disable those features does not work.
I find this completely ridiculous. So PowerDirector does not work with AVI files. The claim that it supports AVI is false advertising.
Also, disabling shadow files does not fix the problem. So the AVI files are not being created into shadow files and disabling shadow files doesn't fix the problem.

Okay, it's been over 20 minutes and the icons are still gold. What does that mean? Thanks.
Thanks for your help. I am waiting forever for the gold icons to become green. It's been a long time and they are still gold. How long is it suppose to take?

Also, doesn't disabling shadow files make CyberLink process editing slower?

Hi Dafydd.

This is for all AVI files.

Attached is a sample 5-second long clip that has not been edited in any way.

Attached is a video capture. You will notice that the second clip (the separate one I have attached) does not have audio starting right away, but there is a delay of a couple of seconds. You will notice that the first clip is fine regarding the audio. The problem is that for all AVI files, except the first one in editing mode, the audio is delayed for around 2 seconds. When you only watch the clip the audio is fine, however, when you produce the movie the delay exists.

Attached is the diagnostic. However, in your guide it says: "4. If you know you have 64bit Windows, also select the <Run 64BIT DXDIAG> button and save a SECOND file as ****64DxDiag.txt, (again replacing the **** with your name)." I could not do that since I did not see any button. I am happy do to do that if still necessary and if I can get more direction.

Thanks for your help.

Text MediaInfo attached for a sample video with the problem.

Source is a Nikon Coolpix S31 camera. ACDSee 18 is used to download the videos from the camera to the computer. Video sample plays fine in ACDSee 18.

Thank you very much for your assistance.
AVI files were not working on PD 14 so I installed codecs via the link at *FIX* for AVI clip error messages with Win10. Everything worked perfectly. Now the audio on AVI files is not working. The first 2 seconds of an AVI clip has no sound, but the video works. It is now impossible to do true editing when you need to have no sound for 2 seconds. AVI files work perfectly outside of PD 14. Any ideas? Very frustrating.
Installed and fixed the problem. But now there is a new problem. For the first 1-2 seconds of the video for AVI files there is no audio. The audio works perfectly outside of PowerDirector. What is the issue here?
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