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THis is action director i use

the latest release :
Quote Unfortunately there aren't many users of ActionDirector on the forum, and your best bet is to contact CL tech support directly. You can reach them here, and be sure to include a link to this discussion so they can see everything you've posted so far.


i contact them

hope i can get information

Hello there

i m still stuck with my video 360

can u help me please
Quote Hello Video still not working

i can get my cvideo 360 can u help me to fix this issue please

un can see a video of my try :

and the video can't be in 360 video
can help please
Hello Video still not working

i can get my cvideo 360 can u help me to fix this issue please
Ok so i found a way on ActionDirector Option :

Parameter --> Montage --> check Elimine automatique ...

Need help please

i do some test and the probléme is GEAR 360 ActionDirector, when u open the photo on it, the program automaticly stich the photo and add some meta data on it

that's cool !!

but the probléme GEAR 360 ActionDirector added this wrong information on the files :

how tell GEAR 360 ActionDirector to put the information :


and not adding this :

Ok now i m sure the problem is here :

so i found a tool named : EXIFTOOLGUI,

u can edit the XMP config to this and add 0 to all PosePithDegrees and that's works

so now how i can put this config direct on actionDirector to not do it manually for all my photo

Hello there

so i got so many days to found a solution to my problem :

My problem :

I got a Samsung Gear 360 camera and i use actionDirector to stich photo and video and put them on my google photo !

I got two issue :

For the photo :

the photo are inverted in google photo :

but when uy clik on the photo, the photo is in 360 view but inverted !!!

the problem looks like the fils :

C:\Program Files\Samsung\ActionDirector2\runtime\360\XMP.xml

the 2 valeurs are note in 0 :

i think is value is not 0 so he is inverted

can u help me to understand what is wrong please ??

and the second problem video are note detected by google photo like a 360 video

please help

thanks all
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