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I need to replace my old Windows that I manged to fry trying to sped it ever slowing actions.
Next, manually upload to YouTube where you can enter the new details stating that your video is either made for kids, or not. That's the step that has broken the auto-upload piece in PD

Thinking everyone, me included, are frustrated and in a hurry. Wanting a quick fix to back to the simplicity status quo.
What finally worked for me; was to switch from internet explorer and work through (edge). A lot slower and a heck of a lot more steps. Also comes with a warning banner that this sight will also be closing soon.
Quote Hi,
CyberLink are aware of the issue and are working with Google to identify and solve the problem.

In the meantime, users are advised to produce their video to their local drive and use the standard web upload interface to upload their video.

PowerDirector Moderator

I have been producing and uploading to YouTube for almost five years, so I have no clue as to how to go about using the standard upload interface. Any advice for this old internet challenger would help immensely.
Was able to access the title files via the route Tony suggested, only the title names do not coincide with the assigned names. And having to search for 145 files out of 1651 seem pretty dauntless. I guess I will just sacrifice the space for now.
Many thanks for your suggestions.
Thanks Carl, I was afraid of that. I guess I'll have to create all new.
When attempting to remove title files from custom titles folder after moving them to a new folder all files are removed from both folders. I right click on file in the custom folder and click delete when this happens. What am I doing wrong?
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