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Amazing incompetence by Cyberlink fact of the day: According to their Forum administrator message to users, their Forums are user-to-user and their own programmers ignore their own Forums (thus ignoring product bugs too).
This is a well-known bug that has been reported multiple times ( fatal internal error when two filenames are the same if you ignore upper-lower case differences). Cyberlink does not care to fix this. They have ignored this fatal bug for years.
Aha! I have just found the true cause in the Recent folder. Not all of the files were shortcuts. This makes the bug trivial to reproduce and it is just what I read on google (years ago theory on the bug).

My "Recent" folder (Windows XP auto-generates -- user has no control over it) that causes a Power2Go 7 internal fatal error has a file called "Desktop.ini". It also has a shortcut called "desktop.ini". Yup, Power2Go code is so ancient that it ignores upper-lower case distinctions and then crashes when it finds a "duplicate". Guys, Windows 95 is so over! Can you PLEASE FIX Power2Go so that two filenames that differ only in upper-lower case are considered distinct files. All modern Windows does that. Otherwise you are stuck with a showstopper bug that is so easy to find and reproduce that you look like idiots (and I just wasted 8 hours of my time getting to the root cause, no thanks to the completely uninformative error message).
100% easily reproducible with "Recent" folder containing only shortcuts (folder was previously copied from another computer without problem).
Update 2: The rating has now been marked down one star due to a several-year-old bug that Cyberlink still hasn't fixed that stopped me with a Power2Go fatal internal error in the first couple of hours of burning BD-R disks on Windows 7. After about 5 hours of debugging this and wasting a dozen disks in the process, eventually resorting to binary search, I narrowed it down to Power2Go being unable to copy the "<user>/Recent" folder that I have in my Windows XP backup of my old computer's <user> dir on my Windows 7 system. This "Recent" folder only had shortcut files in it. The internal Power2Go 100% reproducibl fatal error when trying to copy just this one "Recent" dir (that is a WinXP folder not in active use on my Windows 7 system) is this: "File(PrepareBurningDialog.cpp), Build data tree error. Error Code :#0xEB100486". Since I didn't need this folder I deleted it and finally was able to burn a copy of my files for backup purposes. I don't understand why Cyberlink hasn't fixed this showstopper internal code error that was reported over several years ago (according to google). Something's seriously wrong with that company to ignore such an easily reproduced showstopper bug. The ASUS hardware is rated 5; the Cyberlink software is rated 1. ASUS should partner with a better software brand.
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