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I have many images to be used in a vacation video.
I would like to use the Slideshow creator to help speed up the process.
This is a great tool and I like how it adds a white border around the pictures in the Collage theme.
I am planning to insert some images with my own motions between segments created by the Slideshow creator.
Of course this will look much better if I can place the same border around my image as that used in the Slideshows.
In the PIP tool, I can place a white border around my image but it is always rounded at the corners.
I would like to have multiple images on the screen at the same time.
Is there some other method to place a consistent border around an image that has square corners?

In addition, I am wondering how I might add a more elaborate border as the Slideshow creator does in the various themes?
OK, after much testing I can confirm the background video will extend the music playing time on the Title/Chapter page of a DVD.

After the opening menu, there is the Title/Chapter menu. This will provide the background for all titles in the finished DVD. So in my example, I would have two of these and they all must have the same background video. At first I thought this would be a real limitation because it does not always match the material in each title. But I eventually made a sort of collage of all the content on this DVD.

Here is what I found:
1) I made a 2min video (with music) and inserted this in the title/chapters page using the menu designer.
2) I made my two title DVD by selecting "create disk" and inserting my two projects.
3) I applied my new "menu" and then added music on each the Title/Chapter pages. I had to apply music because the music (sound) from my background video did not play. In this step, my music was of different lengths; 30 secs and 2min.
4) I selected "Preview" to see how it all looked. On title #1; this Title/Chapter page played the 2min background for 99Sec then repeated and simply repeated my 30sec audio 3.3 times. On title #2, this Title/Chapter page played the 2min background and my 2min music for 99sec then repeated both.
5) While the video must be the same, at least I can select different music for each Title/Chapter page!

Of note: there is much discussion on this page about using the "duration" value under the "playback options" to determine how long the menu pages will run before repeating. I had set mine to 60secs and this did not have any effect on the default of 15sec for title/chapter page but did increase the opening menu page.

Creating the background video does allow me to increase the Title/Chapter page up to 99secs.
Thanks Xerox!
I will try inserting a video with the audio I wish to play on the different Title/Chapter menus.
Look for my report back.
Is there any way to increase the duration of music to play at lower level DVD menus?

The default time for DVD menu music is 15 seconds.
Many have posted that this can be extended up to 99 seconds by adjusting the "Auto Menu Timeout".
I have found this works in PD9 for the main menu (at start of a DVD).
However, the next level of menu is not adjusted and remains at 15 seconds.
( I am working on a DVD with three movies that each have multiple chapters)
I'd like to use the ability in PD9 to have different songs playing for these different menus.
However, the different songs have different lengths and being cut at 15 seconds.

For example:
When DVD begins - Set "Auto Menu Timeout" to 60 seconds
When Movie #1 is selected and chapter menu displayed - Set music duration to 30 seconds
When Movie #2 is selected and chapter menu displayed - Set music duration to 40 seconds

Your help is much appreciated.
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