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Google spit out the following result
It has been discovered that the movie “AVATAR” in Blu-ray Disc™ format cannot be played on certain VAIO® computers. The issue is caused by an incompatibility between the WinDVD BD application by the Corel Corporation and the BD Plus encryption technology used on the AVATAR Blu-ray Disc™. We are actively working on a solution and apologize for any inconvenience. Please check back soon


Since AnyDVD is the only workaround I was able to find so far, that claim from Sony does make sense to me.

The fact that I can't play BR anymore, doesn't also surprise me, because since BD-Live started to appear, each time I accepted the request to update my PowerDVD, it would blow up my BR-playback capabilities; silly me, was hoping that Cyberlink had managed to fix that after several months.

I don't really have the patience anymore to go around trying to install the three different versions of PowerDVD 8 Ultra that I had got to solve the Bd-Live problems when Wolverine came out.

I want Cyberlink to make a final proper version of the software. Upgrading to PowerDVD 10 MkII hasn't helped at all. Same issue and more feeling of wasted money.

Quote: Hi,
you need to post more information about your issue - otherwise no chance to look into it!

Please read the above thread and make sure to have installed latest drivers and updated for PowerDVD 10


I have raised a proper support request for that, I don't really want files with data about my system hanging out in a forum
Last weekend everything was fine, I tried yesterday the avatar. The usual message come about updating PowerDVD; every single BR with BD-Live content pops that one up but after the problems with Wolverine, saying "no" to the update was always the best option.

I wasn't able to play any other BR movies at all.

I updated the firmware of the BR-drive, nothing. TotalMedia can't play any BR now.

It is creepy because none of those programs can give a reason for the problem only "we can't play".

PowerDVD even go as far as to say that the update was completed but it didn't perform any update at all.

BD-Advisor says that all the basics for BR-enjoyment are green.

I hadn't had an graphic card update for weeks, so I tried that. Also no luck.

I don't understand why this whole thing stopped working out of the blue.

AnyDVD saved the day. for some reason anything is failing to check that my hardware, software and discs are fully compliant with BR-standards.
Same as wolverine all over again, at least at that time the folder-workaround worked.

If the software from Arcsoft works, I'll switch to that one an never pay a single dollar for cyberlink software ever.
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