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Missing color boards after 2204 update
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As I was testing out a project with transparent MOV clips, I thought I would add a color board to show that the clips were actually transparent. However, the Color Board panel was completely empty!

I went back through my system backups, and found that the Library.cfg file was overwritten when I updated PD365 to v2204. I then went back to the system image I made before that backup and retrieved the previous file, and that works as expected.

I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but this post has more details on how to work with the Color Boards binary file.

I think that uninstalling/reinstalling PD would be a good way to restore the default colors, and I would delete the existing (empty) Library.cfg file first. If it's empty, it will show a few null characters if you try to view it in a text viewer, like Notepad++, and the file size will only be 1k.

If you've added custom colors in the past and now they're gone, the only way to get them back is to retore the file from an earlier system image like I've done, or to restore the default colors and manually add then custom colors again.

I've also attached my backed up version of the Library.cgf file. Note that it has a few custom colors at the end, beyond the standard ones. You can easily delete them or just leave them there.
replacement Color Boards file
1 Kbytes
465 time(s)


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