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I'm trying to break apart one big video clip into tiny little clips
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Edward Peniche123 [Avatar]
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I go to multi trim. trim up the video into tiny segments but I can never find the tiny segments in my storage it only shows up as the whole video. Having to capture each segement individually is cutting into my time. I'd rather set the recording and forget it until the tape is completely recorded then break it up into tiny pieces. Im sure theres a way I'm just not finding it. I have now wasted 2 days tryiing to figure this out. The youtube tutorials don't have any answers and I can't find what I need in the user guide as well. I'm really starting to hate powerdirector 12. Someone help.
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If you are capturing from a VHS machine or camcorder, yes it will create one big file, unless you manually start and stop the recording.

When you trim video in the trim window, it doesn't produce edited video clips for you. It just marks the in/out points and then makes the edit when you produce the final video file.

The fastest and easiest way to do what you are asking would be to use the Precut feature, which lets you cut a video into segments and then you can import each segment into the timeline one at a time to produce. Unfortunately, Precut wasn't added until PowerDirector 17.

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Upgrading to PD17 will give you many more features, but if you're not interested at the moment, you may find a 3rd party cutting app useful here. This post has more info.

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