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PowerTools-crop and zoom
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I am using the PowerTools Crop and Zoom, and everytime I hit play the resizing points vanish. I have to exit the module and reopen it to get the resizing points back. Then press play, repeat. Anyone having this particular issue? HP Envy Phoenix/4thGen i7-4770(4@3.4GHz~turbo>3.9)/Nvidia GTX 960(4GB)/16GB DDR3/7,200rpm/w10x64---
Canon Vixia HV30/HF-M40/HF-M41/HF-G20/Olympus E-PL5. Analog tape capture equipment.
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Hello Barry,

Someone also reported this issue here:

Tony and myself can now duplicate it in PowerDirector 15, so I have passed it on to RD.

Thanks for letting us know


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Hi Barry & PDR Moderator -

You're right Barry. It gets triggered after using playback.

The thing I find odd is that - even though the resizing handles have gone AWOL - the cropping box can still be resized.

Here's an extract from a screen capture. It's 1080p so you'll see it more clearly on YouTube. N.B. 4K clips on water look appalling in the Crop&Zoom window!

Cheers - Tony
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