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PowerDVD13 and 21:9 ultrawide monitors
meesterjojo [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Jan 25, 2014 23:24 Messages: 1 Offline
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I purchased PowerDVD13 prior to investigating specific performance issues with it vs. Total Media in regards to 21:9 (2.35:1) aspect ratio.

Turns out that PowerDVD does not display 21:9, nor will it zoom or upscale. Also, it turns out, that all Blu-Rays, even the ones which say they are 2.35:1 or 2.4:1 are actually 16:9, not 21:9.

So my question is this: can PowerDVD display a 21:9 movie full screen 21:9 without any loss of quality or cutting off video?

Right now I'm using a trial version of Total Media and it does a splendid job of displaying 2.35:1 on my ultrawide monitor full-screen, no loss. But, I've purchased PowerDVD, so I'm trying to make the best of it.

Tech support for PowerDVD has been lacking: I submit all required information, then "Saba" (aka: the Cyberlink robot) tells me to submit the information again. Even when I respond to "Saba" that he/she needs to stop asking, I get a response saying my issue requires me to call, followed by a request for the same submitted data.

I'm at my wits end.

Tips? Tricks? Help!
86sixsix [Avatar]
Newbie Joined: Nov 01, 2010 10:08 Messages: 34 Offline
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there is no such thing as a 2.35:1 *bluray* - the format dictates a 16:9 ratio (usually 1080p24). the black bars are encoded as part of the movie.

in ultrawide here - everything scales properly... black bars that are part of the disc at the top and bottom and black *empty* bars at the left and right

you need to zoom in...

edit: i just made a 2100x900 movie. plays fine.

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Jimm98y [Avatar]
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You might be interested in this: Please let me know if it works with PDVD 13 as well.
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