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PowerDirector - information we request and tasks to carry out.
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The information in this posting are guides for members.

PowerDirector Version build

Two methods:
1. Click on the name PowerDirector - top right of the User Interface
2.Open PowerDirector
Select Help > About
Note down the information in the pop up display
The information is used to identify what PowerDirector you are using.

Create a Diagnostic File

Go to > Start
Select > Run
Type in > Dxdiag
Click > OK
Select > save the information
save as ****DxDiag.txt
Replace the **** with your name so the file can be identified easily.
Example: johnsmithDxDiag.txt
A diagnostic file is used by PowerDirector Technical Support to analyze your PC set up.

Uninstall and reinstall of PowerDirector

Try the following way to re-install PowerDirector:
a.) Start--> Programs -->Cyberlink PowerDirector --> Uninstall PowerDirector
b.) Start --> Run --> type "regedit" --> click "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" --> click "Software" --> locate "Cyberlink" ----> click the "+" (if you have more than one CyberLink product) -->Delete the "PowerDirector" folder
c.) Start --> Run --> type "regedit"--> click "Hkey_Current_user" --> click
"Software" --> locate "Cyberlink" ----> click the "+" (if you have more than one CyberLink product) -->Delete "PowerDirector" folder.
d.) Delete C:\Programs Files\Cyberlink\PowerDirector
And reboot your PC.
After this, please install your PowerDirector

A re-installation of your software can resolve usage problems.

Training to explain a problem in PD

1. Do not get hysterical or tangential.
2. Stay calm and be precise
3. ALWAYS write down every action you do, every click, every selection
4. List the actions in numerical bullet points - just like we have done here. Use the NotPad Text Editor.
5. Make sure your Subject Heading is applicable and logical - avoid the word "help"

Here's an example:
1. Double clicked and opened my pds project file in PD6 v2319
2. selected Media Library folder icon
3. Located and brought in my mp4 music files
4. Placed audio file into PD6 music time-line
5. PD6 movie mode played everything in the time-line
6. Go to Create Disc
7. Did not select anything - proceeded to Burn disc
8. PD6 at 45% crashed

(The mp4 audio file placement is the issue here)

A bullet point presentation of information allows the reader to replicate an issue and to precisely understand the situation you face.

Do you know how to screen capture?

Provide an image of the PD display problem.

Open PD
Look at your keyboard > right hand side > Print Screen/Sys Rq button > press it
Now open up your Image Editor program
Go to Edit > Paste as a new image
OR it could be
File > open new file
Edit > Paste

Save the image as a jpeg/jpg file
Attached the image to a forum posting - maximum size 100kb
Helps identify problems

Screen capture and annotate with a specialist program

The image can be used to show any problem encountered.
Localise the capture to an area around what you want to describe
Save the files as a jpeg.

30 day Screen capture programs - to assist you to describe issues (pictures tells the story):
HyperSnap =
FastStone Capture =
Mr. Captor =
There are others around.
Use these screen capture programs at your own risk, we give no support or discussion on any of them here. They do have limitations and PC hardware acceleration settings can inhibit the capture of preview video images.

Upgrade to the latest build of your version of PowerDirector.

After checking the Help/About in PD go visit:

DVD write tests for PD - to assess displayed error issues.

Test 1.
Open PD
Place in the Video time-line Aquarium.mpg - do this 3 times
Go to > Create disc

Accept all default settings
Select > Create to Folder and browse for a location
Untick > Burn to Disc
Click "Burn icon"

Note the results - submit the results on your forum posting.

Test 2.
Open PD
Place in the Video time-line Aquarium.mpg - do this 3 times
Go to > Create disc
Accept all default settings
Select > Burn to Disc
Blank DVD in drive
Click "Burn icon"

Note the results - submit the results on your forum posting.

Tests are used to localise and to check issues - this test checks your DVD writer and the PC

Uploading information to an ftp CyberLink location.

Example of an ftp location provided:

1. Copy and paste the complete ftp url into Internet Explorer (must be IE) Click "Go". You then click and drag the video file from your own video folder to the ftp folder.
2. Upload your diagnostic file as well please.

Please make ONE change to the/any file - add your name - see PART B.

The ftp address includes the name and password - you only need these when you utilise an ftp specialist program. The information from the example given would be as follows
Name = HNameme
Password = 45Pwd348297
A free ftp upload program:
Coreftp =
FireFTP =
Use of these programs are at your own risk. No support for these products is given here.

CyberLink ask for raw video/audio samples when you have a problem they need to clarify in RD


PM and Emails have a Subject in the heading.
Anyone who gets lots of emails knows how hard it is to locate specific emails fast - make it easy for us.
Often we have the same subject heading repeated by senders.
TIP: Put your name in the Subject Heading followed by the Subject issue you're writing about.
John Smith - PowerDirector and JVC issue

Actually appears as:
From: <>
Subject: John Smith - PowerDirector and JVC issue
Date: Sun, 20 Apr 2008 16:37:29 -0500 (CDT)
To: <>

Now you see why it's useful to add your name to the subject.

YouTube uploading:

For my Test I did the following:
Opened PD
I gave PD permission to access the internet (Firewall software)
Place Aquarium.mpg into the Time-line
Clicked on Produce
Selected YouTube
Click to Authorise
YouTube browser interface page opened in FireFox
Entered Log in details - accepted
Allow PD to access your YouTube account
Returned to PD
Clicked Green arrow
Entered Title = Test
Description = Test
Tags = Test
Selected Private and Channels
Continued with Produce process - selected a wmv file format - low res
Produced file to a PC directory
Once completed upload to YouTube
Job done.

Simple test to check if you can. Here FireFox is the browser.

Test to see if you can produce

Open PD
Place Aquarium.mpg in the time-line
Click Produce
Select any video format
Select location to store file
Click Ok

The aim is to check if you have or using a corrupt media file.

Titles - how to make and change them. Creating watermark Title Templates

I have created a video for everyone and some specific WMV templates for HD.

bottom of the page.
To show how easy it is to alter and create wmv tempate files (prx's).

Dealing with a pds file that wont open - a corrupted file

A pds just has two functions.
1. to open PD
2. input into PD all the data for a project.
It means you can amend or tweak a pds if you have the capacity to look and the "courage" to experiment.

Opening (script part of) a pds.

Copy the pds project file.
Rename it.
Right click on it
Select > open with
Select > NotePad
Choose program
Go find Notepad

ensure you untick "Always use......
Click OK

Right. Your next action is to find another pds (hopefully an earlier saved project file). The aim is to have two notepad text editors open on your PC desktop so you can compare script content especially how the pds is finished off at the end.

You can remove some of the latter end of the script if you work out by reading the script. You may need to compare a third pds if you have to add some script to your project pds because it is a corrupted saved file.

Select Save in Notepad - to save the file.

Whatever you do... you need to look, examine and workout. You're aiming to look and play to get your corrupted pds to open. You may need to remove the last lot of work (video etc) to get the pds to open. Remember you can make numerous copies BUT always work on a copy.

Clean up tool
Download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility.
Run the program and the install PD

Use the program if you have installation problems

Mpeg4 compressed files. Now install DivX

PD7 does not come with the DivX installation package, while PD6 did. What you need to do is download and install DivX
Once installed it will be available from within PD7.
Video editors need to carry out this task if you edit compressed files with the avi extension

Which version of PowerDirector to buy
Even we get confused!

Your PD crashed - gather the information

For XP:
Control panel -> administrative tools -> event viewer -> Application ->
double click the "Error" type event caused by PD -> send snapshot back (READ PART E and PART F on obtaining a snapshot - screen capture

For Vista:
Control panel -> administrative tools -> event viewer -> Windows Logs -> Application -> double click the "Error" type event caused by PD

-> click

The information above is used by RD at CyberLink to locate the cause of the crash
"Copy" button -> Open Notepad -> Paste -> save the log -> send log to us.

Trial Activation Pack

If user purchased PowerDirector from a Trial version and wants to activate it based on the existing Trial version:
User can activate the PowerDirector Trial version directly to a full version. However, user needs to download a supplement program named

before he activate PowerDirector. User can follow the instructions below to activate the Trial version of PowerDirector to a

full-featured version:

1. Download the Trial Activation Pack (this link can be found on the confirmation letter when you purchased PowerDirector) program and

save it to the hard disk in
advance . (Please DO NOT change the file name when saving to the hard disk.)
2. Launch PowerDirector.
3. The Activation dialogue box appears. Enter your CD key for activation (CD key can be found in the confirmation letter) and then click

4. Locate the Trial Activation Pack executable file that you just downloaded, and click Next.
5. The activation process is complete. You can use full functions of PowerDirector now.

Instructional information issued by CyberLink Customer Support in response a question I raised with them

Help advice

Look up some information here

I hope these guides are of use to you all.

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