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JL_JL [Avatar]
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Quote: Hi Jeff,

That's interesting to know. In the strictest sense it is not offered as an option. It seems strangely inconsistent that it is made selectable in Produce but not in Create Disc, especially since one presumes that the same codec is used.

I guess in the strictest sense it's offered as on option in "Produce" as a user selectable feature vs just being made selectable in Produce?

The hidden ability to use SVRT in "Create Disc" was shown here and links contained therein and also a fairly detailed pdf showing results.

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Well, to clarify, I meant it's offered as an option in 'Produce' but you don't get any choice in 'Create Disc'. As mentioned earlier I've now gone down the route of pre-producing my video using H.264 and SVRT in the 'Produce' module so I guess, from what you've described, that as long as I select H.264 as the encoding in the 'Create Disc' module it then uses SVRT in the background to avoid re-encoding. Regards,

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