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I don't have access to version 9 unfortunately : I just bought 10.

I don't need 4 channels, I don't need 10-bit. It just seems that is all Ninja 5 will output unless on my Nikon Z50 I can tell the HDMI output to be less.

I'll dig through the camera manual.

Thank you again for all the help!
Got it. Thank you again for all the help.

Quote The default 512kbps setting is very good, and once you've produced the WAV file, PD will automatically import it into the media library. You'll then want to right-click on the original clip on the timeline and chose Link/Unlink Video and Audio, then click somewhere else to deselect both sections and then delete just the audio.

Next, drag the new audio clip to the timeline and align the left edges so the A/V sections will be in sync. At this point, you can right-click and use Edit Audio to bring up AD. When you're finished, you can then select both sections and use Link/Unlink again to merge the two sections into a single A/V clip if you're going to be trimming and working with other clips. (That's not needed if it's your only timeline object).
This is awesome, thank you so much. If I understand correctly I just read in the clip to PD. Render to audio only WAV and then separate the audio/video in PD, delete the audio and import the wav file instead. Is the 512KB wav enough. It's just me talking :

I don't actually care about the 10 bit at all. The Ninja only has options for HQ, 422 and LT. I tried all 3 and none of them work.

I will file the request for AudioDirector but until then use this workaround.

Thank you again and have a great weekend.

Quote Got it. I see the same issue when trying to load the clip directly into AD, and also when loading it in PD and then invoking AD from the Edit Audio option. Interestingly, if I use the Audio Editor that's built-in to PD18/365, it does work properly, but I don't know if there are enough tools there for your editing needs.

My first thought when I read your post was that the problem might have been caused by the 4-channel audio rather than anything about the PCM specs. However, it turns out that the issue is the 4:2:2 video, which AD can't process!

I confirmed this by transcoding the audio from your original clip to AC-3 using VirtualDub2 and AD still couldn't open it, but when I kept the audio as-is and converted the video to 4:2:0, AD had no trouble opening it. The video was unusable when I converted to HEVC and HEVC lossless, but it proved that 4:2:2 was the problem.

Given what's going on, the best solution would be for Cyberlink to update AD so that it can accept the same kinds of 10-bit video clips that PD can import. You'll need to file a request with tech support here, and be sure to include a link to this thread so they can see what's happened already.

Until a patch is issued, however, you'll have to use a workaround to get the audio into AD.

Assuming you want to keep the 4:2:2 ProRes video, you can bring all your clips into PD and produce audio-only (.WAV is best) versions of them. You might want to get everything else edited in your project first, so you can produce a full project audio that can simply be laid on the music track, and you can then mute all the upper tracks when you make your final production.

That's probably cleaner than the other options, which involve producing audio-only versions of each source clip individually, then unlinking and deleting the original audio and then linking the produced audio for each clip, then doing the AD edits, and then starting on the main editing.

On the other hand, since PD can't produce 4:2:2 clips, you're going to end up with 8-bit video anyway, and switching the recording mode would be the simplest way to move forward if having HDR source clips aren't critical.
Understand. I notice in the Audio Editor of PowerDirector it shows as PCM 48K 4 where as the normal files are AAC 48K stereo I can edit in AudioDirector.

Uploaded a 5 second file to!AoteFWDGh50lj6k5aUHMxihKeORFqg?e=pscXQ4.

Thank you for your help. I literally just bought AudioDirector and a Reverb extension 2 days ago to fix the audio in the room and today after getting the Ninja obviously sad it's not usable :

Quote Unfortunately, it makes perfect sense since there are an impossibly large number of codec combinations and not all will be natively supported by all apps.

Can you please attach a very short clip (less than 5MB in size) so other people can examine it and test it out? If your short clips are larger than that, please upload one to a cloud folder on Google Drive or OneDrive and paste the link here.
I just got an Atomos Ninja 5 to use with my Nikon Z50. It records to ProRes (422).

I am unable to import any file that uses ProRes. PowerDirector loads the file fine and can even perform basic audio functions. When I try to then launch AudioDirector it fails to load in the audio saying the format is not supported. I can load other types of file in AudioDirector. It makes no sense as this is a very common format and PowerDirector handles fine.

Thank you
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