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Quote If you need the installer for reinstallation, I suggest you wait for cyberlink's response.

Yes, evidently registered users don't have handy access. Shame.
As the title says. I need to reinstall. Link anyone?

It will no longer play Blu ray .iso files...which is what I use it for primarily.

EDIT: I also have a support ticket in, but they aren't always really fast in responding.
Quote This preference moved to Windows control panel after the release of Windows 10 I think:


Thanks Dave, I'll give that a shot!
I searched for this but did not come up with much.

Is it possible to prevent PowerDVD from opening when a Blu Ray disc is inserted in an optical drive?
I've looked through the player options, but unless I'm missing something, I did not see a way to prevent it.

Quote Hello,

From what I know, PowerDVD does not claim support for ATMOS or its pass-through (no ATMOS logo on the web page is a real indicator), so there is no guarantee of the playback compatibility. Which is why it would be played as backward compatible's Dolby TrueHD if the ATMOS passthrough does not work.

However, you should contact CL customer service to confirm. See the links in my signature.

PowerDVD Moderator

My apologies for resurrecting an old post. I just wanted to post a correction that may be of use to others.
Bitstreaming/passthrough via HDMI does not need for Atmos to be supported. It's all just bits. PowerDVD does not need to know what the bits are, or what the audio codec is.

That PowerDVD will not decode Atmos and output via pcm is another story, and as far as I know is unsupported.

If the AVR supports Atmos decoding, and bitstreaming is done via HDMI, then all is good. I do it every day with a 7.1.4 Atmos system, and PowerDVD22 Ultra is my primary music & video player.
...and quite a capable player it is.

Thanks. I hope this helps someone.
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