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Hi All. Have a problem with Power Producer 6 - same problem with version 5.

I want to video from a camera in a bird nesting box. Last year all was OK using Power producer 5 . Haven't used since last summer. came to use a couple of days ago and found that after recording when I press the stop button the application stops working and it says Power Producer not responding. Last year at the point where I press stop the thumbnails would appear at bottom of page but not now.

I bought version 6 hoping that would cure the problem but to no avail. Been in touch with support and things they are ask for are a bit beyond my capabilities. For instance they asked for dump file and gave me a number to look for but that number is not in the dump file. I have made sure all my drivers are up to date. I'm using Windows 7. Hope some one can help. Regards to all. BrianB
Thanks for replies Guys. I think my Pc may not be up to standard needed. Playback is jerky and audio is as well. Guess I have a lot of playing around to do. Regards and Respect to you both. BrianB.
Hi Everybody. Forgive me if this post is in the wrong forum, I hope the powers that be will move it if that is the case.
I recently bought an LG BE06 external writer which came packaged with the Cyberlink Disk.
I want to burn some Blu-ray movies I have downloaded as MKV files.
When I open up the Cyberlink software it does not recognise the MKV files.
Can anyone tell me if this is normal and please, Please ! How do I go about writing MKV files?

I'm running XP Pro series 3 . Hope some can help me . Thank You Brian.
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