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Quote For your first question, right-click on the clip you've made all the adjustments to and choose Copy Keyframe Attributes. Next, select one or more other timeline clips then right click on them and choose Paste Keyframe Attributes.

To use the same settings in a different project, open the original project first, then copy one of the adjusted clips. Next, open or create the new project and paste the copied clip somewhere on the timeline so you can copy the keyframe attributes to your other clips.

Thanks. Yes, I figured this out. Make the preset. save it as a file, then open it up when I need it and copy paste into the new project.
I use the FX setting 'BCC color choker' Every time I use it I have to program in the exact settings on half a dozen lines to get the effect I want, and the only way I can do this is by referring to a screen shot of my settings taken on a previous video, otherwise I would never remember them. Why is there no way to make a profile save on an FX setting? It's so much work everytime to key in all these numbers to get the effect where I want it.

2) There is a drag feature on the timeline if you want to spread the clip out to zoom in. It's a clock icon with an arrow on the left and right. Normally I have to left click and hold mouse button and drag mouse to get this clip to zoom. Is there no other way to do it?
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