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Quote Hi SkyGuy -

Your question probably belongs in the PhotoDirector forum.

A couple of questions:
Are you importing the photos into PDR, then sending them off to PhD for editing? or are you just preparing the photos in PhD?
Which versions of PDR/PhD are you using?

How do I just crop the original photo without creating a virtual one?

Whether I'm round tripping or using PhD as a standalone, PhotoDirector doesn't creatre a virtual photo. Also, if I delete a virtual photo I made, the "original" remains in place. Maybe I'm missing something here.

Personally, I'd do all the photo directly in PhD before importing into PDR... personal choice.

Maybe you could lay out the exact steps you're taking that generate the issue.

Cheers - Tony

Thanks for the info.

After I made this post, I realized I put it in the wrong forum so I added it in the PhotoDirector one as well.

To explain what I'm trying to do a bit better. Let's say I import a photo in PhD. Then I see that it needs cropped. I go to the cropping area, use the crop tool, and crop the photo. PHD will then create a virtual copy of the original, but this one will be cropped. Since the cropped one is the only one I need, I go and delete the original and it will also delete the one that I just cropped because it's virtual.

The solution is to export both of them as JPEGs and then delete the original and keep the cropped. Sounds easy, right. But not when you're dealing with 500+ photos with some that need cropped and some don't. What I have to do now is go to my regular File Manager and find all of the uncropped photos and delete them from there. It's quite a pain in the butt.

It would be much easier if PhD would just let me crop the original and keep that one. Or crop the original, create a virtual cropped version, and delete the original. Either one of those would be a huge time saver for any wedding photographer.
When I crop a photo, PhotoDirector creates a virtual copy of if. And when I delete the original, the cropped virtual copy gets deleted as well (which makes sense).

How do I just crop the original photo without creating a virtual one? I don't want to export all of the photos and then go back and delete all of the original ones that I cropped after the fact. I do wedding photography and can shoot up to 500 or more pictures so the batch of photos will have some that need cropped and some that don't.

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