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Quote Let us know which version of PowerDirector you have. PD does not automatically download any media files from anywhere as far as I know. Please share what you see happening....
You have to select input media from either a folder (then it DOES automatically input all media from that selected folder into your media room, or specific media files. But always and only when you select input....
The only thing PD downloads automatically the first time, (and it scans specific folders after you open PD a next time) are the effects and transitions and titles etc, that are potentially available to you to download... But such download is done when you have the newest version 20 and a 365 subscription. Hence the version question.

Looks like I had the the free edition of v20. And, yes, the app seemed to know about my OneDrive account as it was already preconfigured in the settings and that is where it was pulling the media from. I registered the app and immediately got notified of a free upgrade, which I installed. When I launched the upgrade the app had changed from a media player to a video editor. At that point I decided i already had much better apps for that, so I uninstalled everything CyberLink related. End of story. Thanks for you help.
My new Dell desktop came preloaded with PowerDirector. I launched it to see if it was going to be useful to me and it automatically started downloading videos and graphics from my OneDrive account. I don't know where it's downloading them to or how it's managing all of those files so I want that to stop until I at least understand what it's doing. I looked through the settings but did not see where to stop automatic downloads. Please advise.
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