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Just one more thing...Now that I know that "Amazing Innovation" is listed in 3 genres, I clicked on "corporate" and the song STILL does not appear in the list. I have to specifically search for it in that genre for it to show up. The problem here is that some of the songs I cannot remember the name or the artist, so I went down the entire list, clicking on and listening to each song till I found the ones I had in my old PD version. Some songs are missing and unless I know the song title and artist, I'll never find it even if I listen to every song on the list

I haven't tested all iterations but it seems to work like this:

The filter column outlines genres and seems to follow the standard shutterstock genres.
By default the filter is active on All Vocals
Another genre has to be selected to see what tracks are available in that genre
So far, so good

Even if the filter column is closed, the last filter chosen remains active
There doesn't appear to be any way to remove all filters and then select from all genres

So if you know the genre of your track, it's easy enough to find
If you don't know, it's much more laborious

Further information for a workaround :
If you use the main shutterstock website outside of PDR, you will notice that there is an unfiltered search option by default
Search for "Grow Up" (as an example)
My search return shows Grow Up by Mocha Music as result 4
Select the track
Note the genres - Production and Classical

Return to PDR
Select Production or Classical in the filter column
Search for Grow Up
You will find Grow Up

I would infer that the "missing link" with this function, is the lack of an unfiltered search facility in PDR.

CL are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

PowerDirector Moderator

Ok, I thought it had to do with the filters. I look forward to a fix for this. Thanks so much for the explanation.

The search can work and downloaded the song just fine.

I still don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm in the Shutterstock music section like and using the search box like you are. I type in "Amazing" and nothing, not one thing pops up.

The search can work and downloaded the song just fine.

How did you do that and why doesn't the song appear in the music list? That's how I found it in the first place.
Quick update. Cabaret by Berry Deep shows up under the "Samples/Effects" genre but was NOT found using the search function for "All Vocals". Is there a way to bring up the ENTIRE music list to include all genres?
I also notice that after doing a search, many of the songs simply disappear from the list. Exiting out and reopening the window brings the missing songs back. I'm not sure what's going on
After a quick check here are two music files I had downloaded in my previous version that I am now unable to find in the music list.

-Cabaret by Berry Deep
-Amazing Innovation by Pavel Yudin

These are just two of numerous music files I can no longer find in the PD Shutterstock window. Using the search function doesn't locate them either.

I run PDR365 Business 20.7.3108.0 so if you would like to provide a few track names and details and I'll see if I can access them as well, or if I have a problem too??

PowerDirector Moderator

Thanks. I'll get some track names and post them here hopefully tomorrow
After having some trouble with errors, I deleted all of my old versions of PowerDirector and am currently rebuilding my music library. There are some songs that I would regularly use in my videos and now I cannot find them in the Shutterstock list inside of PowerDirector 365. I can go to the Shutterstock website and the songs are there for purchase, but is no longer available in the video editor as part of my subscription. Any idea what's going on? There are numerous songs that I can no longer download as part of my business license.
I've had this issue with Windows 10 and 11.
When I go to my music downloads, the "parameter is incorrect" error message will appear.
The window where the music files appear will freeze. I can still click on the files BUT the music that plays does NOT
match the title. If I then go to download a new song, the program crashes.
Uninstalling and reinstalling fixes this temporarily but then after 1 or 2 uses, will have this error message again.
I'm not sure what to do and trying to get a response from Cyberlink is prohibitively difficult.
I'm hoping that this problem has been encountered and a solution is available.
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