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I am inexperienced with PD 14 and recently installed it on my new PC. When trying to use the content aware removal tool to select and move an object in an image I receive the following message:

"Cyberlink PhotoDirector cannot maintain the completed result"

When I select the same object in the photo with the content aware move tool, I can select and move it but the color of the object moved is washed out and it's blurry.

I would be grateful for any help with these issues. Thanks
Quote My guess is that it's because the chroma subsampling in this image is 4:4:4. That's great for editing, but it's probably what's causing the issue with Yahoo.

Basic JPEGs are 4:2:0 or maybe 4:2:2, but I think the full 4:4:4 settings are too much for Yahoo's thumbnail and preview generation. I'm not able to find anywhere to change the subsampling settings in PhD but you might have better luck exporting the photo as PNG.

See if the attached photo shows the same color issues when you email it.

Thank you for your reply and advice. I suspect that you are correct about the issue being with Yahoo. If I paste a .jpg photo into a yahoo email message versus attaching it, the image looks fine. If I send that message to a gmail address, the photo also looks normal but if I forward the message with the photo back to yahoo mail, it is orange.

It doesn't always work for me to attach .png images to email messages because of their larger size.

Thanks again
Quote That's very helpful. Now could you share the original bird image along with the version you created with PhD? That's the best way for people here on the forum to figure out what's going on.

You can also raise a support ticket with CL tech support from their contact page.

Attached is a file that appears with an orange tint as a thumbnail when attached to a Yahoo mail message. This has never happened when I've attached .jpg files that were not previously opened and saved in either Photodirector 10 or 14.

If anyone can suggest why this is occurring, I would be grateful. Thanks
Quote It would help a lot to see an original image and the version that came out of PhD14. Maybe also share a screenshot of the preview or thumbnail image in Yahoo Mail so we can se exactly what you're seeing.

You can share the images here by using the Attachments button below the forum's text box. Remember that this is a public forum and anything you share here will be seen by many other people.
I've had problems with an orange/pink tint appearing in .jpg images either attached or pasted into yahoo mail after processing with Photodirector 10 and Photodirector 14. With attached images, the orange tint is visible in the thumbnail as well as in preview mode. I've not experienced this problem with other .jpg files that were not processed using Photodirector.

I would be grateful for any information about why this occurs and how to remedy it. Thanks
I would like to alter the shape of a bird I photographed to fill a template shape I've created. I'm not sure of the correct term for the process but it would be necessary to stretch and contract portions of the image to fully fill the template.

Is this possible with PhotoDirector? Thanks
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