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In my profile, I am listed as a "Silver" memeber, but am still not able to find a section to change my user avatar.

Thanks, -Cfguy

Quote Hello,

This feature is not available for members that are ranked as "Newbie" because we were having an issue with spam accounts using the available profile fields for spam links. You need to attain a ranking of "Member" to gain access to these fields. i.e. these fields will become available after you post a certain number of message posts.

Hi Everyone,

Does PhotoDirector allow a usert to remove a background from a photos (using "AI" technology, etc.)? Also does it allow user to remoe a watermark from a photo (again, using "AI" technology, etc.)? If so, how well do you find these these features work? Thanks. -Cfguy.
Hi Everyone.

Can all of the features of "YouCam" be used with "Zoom"? In the features section, I noticed on reference to "Zoom", but then most references seemed to be about "Skype" and other online video communications apps. Are all of the advertised "YouCam" features able to be used with "Zoom"? Also, is YouCam subscription-based only, or can it be purchased as a "one -time" fee, with the user obviously having to pay for major new program released and updates? Thanks so much for your help. -Cfguy
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