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I do believe there are still some misunderstandings. I am not expecting anyone to produce or shoot in 32:9, nor would I want them to. I don't have a problem with vertical columns on the side, only horizontals top and bottom.

The only noticeable distortion that should occur would be the upscaling to make the 1080 pixel tall (less if cropped) fit to my 1440 pixel height. PowerDVD/the computer already does this upscaling to make the 1080 video (with the pre-formatted black bars) fit the height of my screen and appropriately adding massive columns on the sides in Full-Screen Mode. (See image in first post.)

The Upscaling does make the video softer since it's estimating pixels that weren't originally there, but the X,Y ratio should be mathematically the same with some slight rounding error. For my situation, being able to sit back and watch an upscaled movie is preferrable over hunching over trying to watch a movie through a pinhole on this monitor.

PowerDVD already does 80% of what I am asking of it by performing exactly as I am requesting in Windowed mode (see image in first post with all the red). It expands the X,Y proportionally and crops the wasted Y values, I just request they go the one extra step and emulate the zoom effect in Full-Screen viewing mode.

I was just trying to give Cyberlink a sale, but as currently implemented I can use free/cheaper options that provide similar basic features for my needs without all the CyberLink background services I won't be using. I just can't justify dropping $100 to still have to manipulate a program in a windowed mode, then run background tasks, Alt-Tab around, just to watch a movie comfortably.
Quote I

This stretch feature is what powerdvd can do without causing additional distortion by enlarging the 16:9 blu-ray video to the left and right edges of your monitor, and crop all the excessive parts on the top and bottom side (after the video got enlarged out of the monitor area while still keeping the original video aspect ratio):

If any player does the feature to crop the black bars on the top and bottom sides in order to fit your 32:9 monitor (when playing the Blu-ray movie disc you currently inserted), the video will be a distorted one because this movie seems was not shot in 32:9 aspect ratio originally.

Distortion or not?

If the Blu-ray movie you watched was originally shot in 32:9 aspect ratio, powerdvd's cropping feature will help you get a seamless video result on your 32:9 monitor.

Distortion or not? Not. There is no tradeoff needed.

Thank you for the canned response. I'll try to better reiterate the problem and a solution.

I do agree with you that this is not an optimum monitor to view movies on. This monitor was part of an investment in my home Workstation and at the moment I have neither the space nor budget to sink $2500 more into a dedicated 4K UHD TV for occasional movie enjoyment.

I completely understand aspect ratios and I am very intent on having audio and video as it was intended when I am viewing movies.

I still believe that PowerDVD can add a feature to properly crop the video, if they care about that customer-set. I went through 3 browser plugins before I found one that would properly crop the top and bottom bars from Streaming Video on an ultrawide monitor without over-cropping the content in full-screen mode, BUT it was done AND WITHOUT distortion. Yes, there were black bars on the sides to maintain the aspect ratio. PowerDVD already has the ability to crop and resize. They just need a way to either customize the cropping or dedicate a setting for this resolution while in Fullscreen MODE. As mentioned before, I understand aspect ratios. I know I'll have black bars on the side and I am completely fine with that. But black bars on all sides is such a waste of screen.

If you've looked at my example images, I was able to make the video almost how I want .... in Windowed mode. Crop, fit-to-width (of the window), but the Window is sized just wide enough to both maintain aspect ratio and crop only the bars. No loss of video content, no change in aspect ratio, no black bars on the top and bottom, no distortion. I just need PowerDVD to be resize and crop accordingly but in a Full-screen MODE so that I don't have to see my distracting desktop icons or F11 a blank web-page in the background and Alt-Tab into PowerDVD.
I almost purchased Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra to play BluRay on my new monitor. Luckily I went with the trial instead of going right in and purchasing the software.

I was hoping that PowerDVD would allow me to watch my movies in all of their glory, however, I found that I am stuck with having one of the below scenarios:

..both Horizontal and Vertical Bars are displayed., leaving me with a very tiny video on a massive screen.
..Fit to Screen crops the tops and bottoms of valid video content so that it will fit the full width of my screen.
..Stretch will make the video absurdly stretched wide and still with black bars at the top and bottom.

What I would like to see as a feature is a way to crop the horizontal black bars from the top and bottom, have the movie fill up the full 1440 height of the screen and apply vertical bars to the left and right to maintain aspect ratio.

At the moment, my best option is a hack. Playing the video in Windowed mode, adjusting crop for 'fit to screen', and then placing a black MSPaint image in the background so that I don't see my Desktop.

Is there a feature that maybe I haven't found that can perform this function? If not, is this a feature PowerDVD may incorporate in the future? Without this feature, it's no better than the free options out there and just comes with the bloat of many extra services I don't need running.

(See attached photos for reference)
49" Odyssey G9
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