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Hello all,

I currently have an Intel NUC i7 7th generation as a HTPC and I'm thinking about upgrading it.

One of the things I use my HTPC is to play 4K Blu-ray discs and it works really well on PowerDVD 17.

The problem is that the new NUCs are not so great and I'm thinking about replacing it for a much more capable AMD or at least an Intel mini pc with an NVIDIA card. NUCs tend to overheat too much for my taste.

And as you all know, I can't do that because I'm stuck with Intel Graphics due SGX and other security ******** that only makes things hard to those who want to so stuff legally because we all know these discs can be ripped in minutes.

Anyway, I was about to throw the towel until I read somewhere that Cyberlink dropped SGX support a while ago and now you can play a UHD disc on any PC that has HDMI 2.0a or DP 1.4 and HDCP 2.2 and that include Intel PCs running NVIDIA cards or AMD.

Can anyone confirm if that's the case since it's not an official thing?

I know you can use MakeMKV to get around all this crap, but it's way too buggy for a HTPC.

Thank you
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