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Quote First off, please read over this recent post which describes many related issues.

If you had downloaded the various DZP, DZM, etc. files before installing them on your PD18 machine, they should all still be in your Downloads folder. You can simply copy them to your new system and install them in the same order that you downloaded them - from oldest to newest (if possible).

If instead you tended to install them directly from the webpage, the installer files would have gone to a temp folder and are long gone. If you simply want to use those items in future projects, you can download and install them as needed on your new system.

If your goal is to be able to open older projects and work with them, your best bet would be to clone your entire C:\ drive and install it on your new setup. Note that doing so will likely mess with the Windows activation on your new computer so make sure you have the current (and probably OEM) Windows product key saved in a safe location.

However, that will preserve all downloaded items in their exact environment and will allow you to open older PDS projects with all effects and downloaded items in place.

Thanks for the response. I have since discovered that there is a folder in Users/Public/Cyberlink where all the assets from downloaded particles, titles and transitions are stored, and sure enough, moving this folder to the new machine with the new PD19 installation moved all of the assets from PD18 to the new machine! Hopefully this will help someone else with the same issue.
Thanks again.

I have a situation that I have not been able to resolve easily. I have my computer with PowerDirector 18 and I am thinking of purchasing PowerDirector 19 and installing it on a different computer. Trouble is, I would like to know where all the effects, titles and particles that I have downloaded over the years are stored on the PD18 installation in order to have them be usable on the PD19 installation, without having to track each effect down and re-downloading it. Any tips on where to find the installed titles, particles and menus on the PD18 install and move them to the PD19 machine? Thanks in advance for any insights.
Hello everyone!!

I have recently noticed that on a 3d workflow, transitions that have a cross fade set to overlap, when rendered, will freeze frame the clip while it dissolves onto the second clip(almost like a cross dissolve) but it does not do that to all the clips on the project, it is totally random. This behavior does not appear when playing in the timeline, only after rendering. I have the latest drivers for my video card and I have rendered with and without acceleration, all to no avail. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Many thanks for any help that can be provided regarding this issue
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