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I will look again at updates, but when I checked the only update offered was for windows. Will hope I can find the patch and it works.

On showing in smart collection but not folders....

None of the folders I have previously imported were shown. But the photos were still present in the top level of smart collection and I could open this and see them all. I have actually cleared the lot and started again.

if I import a new folder, nothing appears under folders, but the count in smart collection goes up by the right amount, as it does in recently imported etc. I could see the photos if I click these, in one smart collection of 12,000 photos. Having cleared the lot and started again, the count just goes up appropriately in smart collections, but no folder is created

Under folders two items do appear, the backup volume on my time machine (which didn't use to) and "unknown device" which can only be my Mac mini. Both of these have a greyed out arrow to the right and nothing happens if I click on them.

Restarting photo director and/or my Mac mini doesn't change anything.

I did have big problems installing photo director initially. It basically would not open and tech support talked me through giving the programme complete access to my system before it would.

Thanks again.

quotePostId=346512]Hello Andrew,

Welcome to the PhotoDirector forum laughing

You've updated to the most recent OS (Big Sur), but the most recent patch update for PhD11 (Mac) is 2307. I'm not suggesting that applying that patch will resolve the issue, but it would be worth installing.

As I understand your post, you're able to import folders of photos, but the folders "disappear" once you restart PhD11. Is the correct?

Apart from installing the 2307 patch, the first thing I'd try (this has helped some Windows users overcome perplexing problems with PhD) is the start a new project. Import some folders of photos, close PhD then re-open. Are the imported folders present?

I'm unclear what you mean here:
Since then, if I import a folder the individual photos appear in smart collection, but the folder does not appear.

Are these photos ones you'd previously included in a Smart Collection?

Some screenshots would help to clarify.

I have Photodirector 11.0.2027.0

I have updated to Big Sur on my MacMini. All photos are still present in smart collection, but all the folders have gone.

Under folders my TimeMachine back up appers with nothing in it (I dont think it did before). And what I presume is my MacMini HD comes up as Unknown device.

I was able to import a folder of photos once since the update, but on restarting it had disappeared.

Since then, if I import a folder the individual photos appear in smart collection, but the folder does not appear.

I have recently moved from apperture to photodirector, so havent done any editing of my photos yet. So I deleted the entire library and reimported. Again, photos import individually into smart collection, but no folders appear at all.

There are about 12,000 photos in total and I need my 30 folders to organise them and replicate how I store them.
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