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Quote If you're willing to share the clip, maybe I or somebody else can give it a try with various tools. To do that, upload it to Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox and post a publicly shareable link to it here.

Thank you for that offer. I am going to try the NewBlue option because I hate to be beaten by anything. If I finally have to give up I will be back.
Quote I'm not sure why this post went unanswered. I only saw it now that you made an edit to it.

If you have BorisFX tools BCC Pixel Fixer or BCC Remover, you can swap out parts of frame with other sections, although you may need to do that on a frame-by-frame basis depending on how much motion there is. You may also be able to use the standard Replace Color FX or NewBlue Color Replace along with a mask so that only the strap is affected.

There's no magic tool to erase a moving object and fill it in with surrounding skin, though, and it may entail a lot of effort which might not be worth the end result.

Thank you for the response. I don't have BorisFX so I will try NewBlue. Your prediction that the end result might not be worth the effort is spot on but the video has become something of a labour of love and it would now be impossible to re-shoot it.
I have a clip of a girl dancing. There is a strap from her clothing that shows against her arm. I would like to "paint out" the strap by copying from the skin on her arm.
Is this possible and if so how is it done?

I can see that my post has some views but no responses as yet. I have researched online over the last 3 or 4 weeks but can't find a solution.
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