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Quote I just want to focus on the last part of this statement for a moment:

That's actually a good reason to not work with clips that reside on your PC unless you're editing only a small section of very large clips.

Rather than waiting one time for them to transfer to your phone, every time you work with them while editing would require your phone to access them via USB or BlueTooth or Wi-Fi which could cause lagging. You'd also have to wait longer when producing for the app to access the clips over the interface.

With high resolution clips, the app will want to make shadow files. Those are stored on the phone and will be faster to use when editing, but it will still have to access each full clip when creating the shadow files over the slow connection.

It will need to access some portion of the source clips again when producing, so you're essentially trading off the one-time delay in transferring the clips at the start for a series of shorter (but ultimately longer duration) delays by keeping the clips on your PC.

If your phone has an easily accessible SD card slot, using that to transfer the video clips might save you some time overall.

Hmmmm. Fair points. I will take your advice and leave feedback to see about this feature, and continue as I have been. I actually have taken to using an SD Card in recent weeks, which has definitely given me a little a breathing room. Like I said, none of this is a huge inconvenience, just looking to eliminate a few extra steps. What you mentioned about lag time while transferring between USB or LAN is a good point, though.

You've both been a great help!
Quote You can easily do this in the full version of PD (running on your computer), but I haven't found a way to add more locations to the media folders where PDMobile looks for clips.

Perhaps other users will have an answer, but If you'd like to request the ability to add more media locations as you've described here, go to the FAQs & Send Feedback screen from the Settings menu to tell Cyberlink directly.

I believe I have an older version of it on my PC. The only real issue with this alternative is, my computer being almost decade old, it is much slower to render videos than on my phone (though I would much rather be doing it on a PC).

This is the reason I have taken to editing from my phone through my computer via the Samsung Dex app. It's still not quite like using the PC version, but having the luxury of using my mouse and a big monitor, as opposed to having to do it all through touchscreen.

I figured since my phone's native file explorer is able to access my computer files via the network, then there'd might a way to do it through PDM, though I figured that'd be a bit of a longshot as well.
So I've been using PowerDirector mobile on my computer (Technically. I do this by hooking my Samsung S10e up via USB and using "Samsung Dex", and therefore using my phone on my PC) for all my video editing needs lately and I wanted to know if there was a way I could get PowerDirector to access the raw video files on my computer, instead of having to transfer them to my phone.

I was able to successfully enable network file sharing between my phone and computer via my phone's native file explorer, and so now I'm wondering if there's any way to set up permission for PowerDirector to access my computer harddrive the same way. Has anyone ever tried this?

If not then no big deal, but eliminating these extra steps (having to drag raw video files onto the mobile device for editing and then remove them to preserve space on said device. Especially since things can take awhile to transfer back and fourth)
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