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Quote You can keep your project exactly as-is, and maybe upload it to the CL cloud or to Google Drive so you can easily access it and your media clips from your new device. When you produce the project using the new system, you'll see 4K as an output option.

  • Thanks for your reassurance, I've actually tried editing on my Oppo phone and it can handle 4k where my Chromebook can't. I'll clearly have to reassess my kit if I'm going to make a hobby out of this! I presume you listed your set up at the end of the post.

Quote Hello,

Please check the below thread for more info. I believe the issue is that your Chromebook does not meet the requirements to produce 4K video unfortunately:

PowerDirector Moderator

Thanks for taking time to reply - You're definitely right on this.

However if I upgrade to an intel 5 core device what will be the easiest way to use my existing edits to get 4k productions?
Or do you think I should re-edit the 4k files when I get my updated device?
Quote That process happens automatically, and you don't need to do anything else!

The reason they're called proxy/shadow files is that the app creates them to make editing easier on underpowered editing platforms, but then applies all the edits to the original clips when producing.

If you produce to 4K with 4K source clips, the output quality is identical whether you used shadow files or not. If you produce to HD instead, the app will downscale the source clips so using shadow files or not won't make a difference there either.

Thank you very much for replying to my query

Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be the case with my set up. I've attached a screenshot of my production options which shows the best option is only full HD.

I would be happy if I knew that I could get 4k versions of my current edits at a later date using a better set up. Do you think that would be at all possible?

Would anyone have any suggestions of how I could best upgrade my set up to get better quality?
I am trying to edit the 4k files produced by my DJI drone on my Acer Chromebook which is a not very powerful machine. I found that the mobile app suggests that I should convert the files down to standard HD within the app before editing. I have done this to create a successful edit.

My question is:
Having edited in standard HD, can I upgrade the finished edit back to 4k? I have seen clips about proxy and shadow editing on PCs, would that apply here.

PS I have searched around the forum for answers to this question, but if it has already been answered a link to the reply would be very acceptable.
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