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Some NLE's offer a professional upgrade path - Elemments; Movie Studio; Filmora 9 - Cyberlink doesn't.
Instead Cyberlink offers a collection of plug-ins (ColorDirector and Audio being two such), a novel idea and I really do applaud it.
To nudge ColorDirector that little bit nearer to a professional grade product (and stepping further away from their competitors) the inclusion of Video Scopes is a must. (my opinion)
Coming from a Photoshop/Capture One background I had ignored Video Scopes, up until curiosity got the better of me.
'How to use and read the four primary video scopes' is an excellent article by ''
For those interested in colour editing I believe Scopes to be a must - not that hard to learn either.
Power/ColorDirector is my 'go to' video editor.

So, Scopes
Yes, thanks for all your efforts, yourself and CL, without which I certainly would not have found a solution.
I've completely integrated your suggestions into my workflow.
Thanks for that, should have read more carefully.

downloaded and installed handbrake 1.2.2
used revo uninstaller to remove the old one

just run that 8 sec clip through and it looks good
here are my settings in handbrake:

Summary: ensure mp4;
Dimensions: left as 1920x1080
Video: codec: h265 10 bit (x265); framerate - 25; quality slider all the way to the right
Subtitles: pressed 'clear'
Chapters: unchecked box

Late over here now (UK), so I may have made some obvious mistakes, let me know if you spot anything please.

I'll have another check tomorrow sometime.

Thanks for all your help, invaluable.
I'd have given up days ago.
Brilliant, and I really do admire your perseverance.
Just downloaded the latest clip and:
(1) with video enoder checked, just an audio tape.....however
(2) with video encoder unchecked, this does everything perfectly. Great result.

I have no way of knowing down this end if this is a 10 file.
Can you confirm for me that it is a 10 bit file (I'm sure it is)

where did you download handbrake 1.2.2 from?

and finally, what settings are you using

Sorry, crashed and burned.
file from one drive and zip folder wouldn't open in PD
I loaded the preset, noted the changes made, converted the 8 second clip and PD crashed...with and without encoder.
Only working option so far is via VirtualDub - gotta say I don't like the look of it and little to no guidance as to how it works online.
Let me know what you did with VirtualDub and any additional required downloads/plugins and I'll see if I can figure it out.
Thanks for your efforts.
100-2mp4, no image of the shed appears on one drive, nevertheless I downloaded it.
Won't load in PD and won't play in windows media player.
Can you send me a similar screenshot of virtuadub and I'll try that tomorrow
Thanks again, just downloaded the file.
With the video encoder unchecked it 'produces' and then plays back in windows media player perfectly.
With the video encoder box checked it only outputs an audio file.
I'll have a look at VirtualDub2 tomorrow as it seems to be the only thing that works...for me at least.
Fuji xt3 can only produce 10 bit files at H265 - no option to produce 8 bit.
I've tried all the settings on handbrake, best I get when I load an h265 file (mp4) AAC, is when I click on Produce in PD....4 or 5 seconds later PD crashes....every time.
I've experimented a little with the Wondershare Uniconverter and all the output from that is choppy. It will output an h265 but it is choppy, pretty useless. Sound ok, video like the old silent movies.
QT Lite sadly didn't work, with or without the video encoder.
Thanks, I'm back - different time zone.
'DSCF0100 recode AAC' works perfectly with or without 'hardware video encoder' selected in PD - quicker if it is selected.
Lots of bits I don't understand now I'm afraid:
(1) is the above file, 'recode AAC', still a 10 bit file so I can edit in 10 bit (should I desire)
(2) can you send a screenshot of your settings in handbrake as I am currently completely clueless on how to get what you've got.

Getting near the end of the puzzle now, I understand the camera settings, I can use the software, - not a clue (yet) with codecs and containers. However, I'm sure I'll have time in the next lockdown.

I'll be experimenting with 'QT Lite' later on today

Thanks again
Ok, thanks.
Did that a couple of days ago and it made no difference.
I did get a 4K output, but it was the file mentioned above, covered in red and green horizontal lines.
If I could find a box to check and uncheck I've likely done it.
It looks like the way forward is to create the extra files.
can't believe PD missed this, from what I've read the x-t3 is a very popular choice of camera.
Yes, I have the perpetual version.
Don't know what cpu producing is?
I'm going to struggle to comprehend the above data, only started video 3 weeks ago.
But, once I've downloaded handbrake, figured out how it works, I'll get at it and let you know.
Wow, thank you very much for all the time and effort you've put in.
It all sounds like ancient aramaic to me... up until a couple of days ago I thought a handbrake was on my car.
Seems like you have to learn quick in the video field or shoot Charlie Chaplin'esque video for ever.
I shall certainly be following your advice above.
I'm sure with my incredible lack of knowledge I'll be posting again soon.
Thanks again.
Here is the DxDiag data that was requested.
I've selected/deselected hardware acceleration without any joy. The apple quick time is a good idea, but from what I've read maybe not a good idea to install it as it is no longer supported and has serious vulnerabilities....allegedly.
Mistake on my part yesterday, 4K H265 does 'Produce' a file but it is a mess of red and green horizontal bars - so nothing.
Not got any cloud access but I will have a look at uploading my pc details.
For now H265 is a non starter, but I am happily shooting 4K 200mbps on H264 and downscaling it to 1080.
Thanks for the comments.
My goal is, where the situation demands (as in high contrast situations), to shoot in 10 bit to give me wider editing possibilities. Then to output at 8 bit. Basically the same workflow I use for stills.
I had done all of the outputting to H264 with the 'Fast Rendering Technology' button unticked - its default setting.
I ticked that box this afternoon and found I can now output 4K H265 files in the 'Produce' section to H264....perfect.
However, this doesn't work for FHD files which are H265.
Can any of you output FHD files which are H265 in the 'Produce' section with the output set at H264?
if you can, can you tell me what settings you are using.
Is it impossible to use FHD files with H265? Must I shoot 4K if I wish to utilise 10 bit? - I certainly won't be outputting at 4K.
Any flaws in my video reasoning, please let me know.
Thanks in advance for your replies.
Brand new to video, 30 years of stills experience and a 'lockdown' spent learning video...or trying to.
I am experimenting with what I can and can't do with a Fuji x-t3, bought specifically for video.
H.264 files no problem (FHD and 4K),they play back smoothly and 'Produce' to H.264 (AVC) perfectly.
H.265 files (FHD and 4K), both play back smoothly. And then. Output/'Produce' to either H264 or H265 and nothing. The progress bar remains on zero. I cannot output H265 files at all. (Long gop or All Intra)
Part of me isn't too bothered, the other part wants the option to do 10 bit files and colour grade. I can't.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
My computer is Windows 10; i7 9700K cpu; 16GB Ram; Geforce RTX 2080 super 8 - all updated.
Using Cyberlink 18.
Done a huge amount of reading so far, resolved a lot of problems, but not this one.
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