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I am logged in with my account (nickname tudari) but the site takes me to the profile update page and asks me to type in a nickname and when I do so it tells me 'tudari' is taken, of course it is, it is me!!! So I had to type in tudari1. Anyway....

I got a reply from tech support but still no live URL on the YouTube button. Here's what they replied:

Reply from CyberLink Customer Support2020/05/28 12:53
Hi Jose,
Thank you for contacting CyberLink Technical Support.
We understand that you are having concerns about your ScreenRecorder. We are more than willing to assist you with your concern.
With reference to your query, please apply the following steps below and try to play again:
1. Ensure your CyberLink ScreenRecorder is up-to-date.
You can check software updates from here:
2. Update graphic card driver to the latest.
You can download the latest driver from AMD / NVIDIA / Intel’s web site. If you have any problem with installing graphics card drivers, please contact your computer manufacturer or the manufacturer of the display and sound cards for the latest drivers.
Intel’s website:
3. Check whether the installed drive has enough space on it. This is because a large amount of memory space is required for buffering.
4. Run ScreenRecorder while no other applications are running.
To maximize the available RAM and reduce the chance that another application conflicts with the application, close all open applications (including virus-protection utilities). Then restart your CyberLink program.
If your concerns still persist, kindly provide the following information below for us to analyze and diagnose your concern in a better manner:
1. DxDiag
To create the DxDiag.txt log file please follow the steps below:
1. Press the Windows key and type dxdiag in the search box.
2. Click on Dxdiag.exe.
3. You will see a green progress bar in the bottom-left of the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window while the program is gathering information.
4. When the progress bar disappears, it means your report is ready.
5. Click Save All Information.
6. Save the file to your desktop (make sure it is saving as a text file) and give it a name you will remember.
2. Full screenshot of the error message.
To take a full screenshot:
1. Press PrtScrn on the upper right side of the keyboard.
2. Open Windows Paint (press Windows button, type the word Paint then click on the result to open the program).
3. Paste the screenshot (press Ctrl+V), then save the file (in .jpg format).
3. Product Version / SR Number
To get the Product version please follow the steps below
1. Launch CyberLink ScreenRecorder software.
2. Click Logo of the software or the word of the software to see the Product Version.
Please feel free to contact us back for further clarification or assistance related to CyberLink products. Use the link below to get back to us:
Thanks and Regards,
CyberLink Technical Support
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