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Excellent, many many thanks, I'll get to that and report how it went.

Much appreciated.

Quote A video “editing” challenge, always nice.
Option 1: If it is only the light you want to display over the scenery taken by the drone, then I think it is best to make a still image of a light or a lighted dot. Around the dot either make a transparent or a green background. Place this image over the drone clip and remove the background in PIP designer e.g. (green screen) and size the lighted dot so that it suits your needs. Then, with key frames, move the dot following the path you want it to follow. The more complex the path, the more key frames you might need.
If it is a drawing, you want the “light” to make then there may be 2 options depending on how complex the drawing is.
Option 2 would be to use Paint designer (start in the plugin menu) and make your drawing. Now this can prove to be impossible if the scenery / the path is moving around all the time. Because with Paint designer you make a drawing that is pretty static.
Option 3 would be to use masks, and again this only works well if your scenery/path is static. Have a look at a tutorial on this here:
If the drone video is not static, then you may have to combine option 1 and 2/3 by making 1 first, and produce it and make it more static, and then with the result do 2 or 3.
There may be more options, and I might come with different suggestions if I see an example of your drone clip and your goal.
My two cents.
Have fun.
One honest word of apologies if I hadn't searched properly

but here is my problem: I would like to make some drone footage of my dog running some preset routes. In video editing, I want to have a light follow the course of my dog's running and use the light in a certain color to draw behind my dog.

A text will reveal at the end which is the main point of the video.

I assume that I would need to start with motion tracking. But I was unable to find info on how to create this light-drawing effect.

My choice of words here might be terrible, and I was hoping that maybe someone knows what I am talking about and has an idea of how to do this.

Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes
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