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Quote It seems you knew that pretty well that Covid-19 ate your homework, and Covid-19 won't eat cyberlink's homework because you have PAID to cyberlink.
Cyberlink already has your money to protect them from the covid-19's impacts, and completely won't be impacted by covid-19 because the money you paid to them has magic and medical power to build the protection. Your money is more powerful than a doctor and medicine I guess.

Yep, you have your right to file a complaint to BBB, and BBB definitely has a way to resolve the issue you received in cyberlink program as BBB has no.1 engineering team in the world.
Everybody should be taught how to file a complaint, then things will be fixed right away by filing complaints.

Let's go and file many complaints then everything will be done. It sounds very easy and wonderful.

Being a contributor user here for a long time, I have seen many guys like you love making things aggresive and nasty just because you have received certain issues that others didn't after you purchased the program with couple bucks.

For the prorgram issue you got, if the problem got resolved temporarily after adjusted some settings on Windows, then broke the other day, it is suspected that the issue might not be caused by cyberlink youcam but something else on your PC as youcam doesn't change a bit or update the program recently.

If it is the case, who should be blamed?

If you really need a refund, you can apply refund after you purchased within 30 days without filing any complaints.

But, I believe it's not you wanna do.
What you really need is grab someone for blaming and find a place to put your anger on.

BTW, I can record audio using youcam 9 normally on my window 10 laptop. fyr.

2 Words for you. "Stockholm Syndrome." Counseling is available. The facts of my argument stand by themselves. When you request tech support you are supposed to get a ticket (an acknowledgement). And, then they get to it when they can. no problemo. That didn't happen. not acceptable. Remember Stockholm Syndrome is treatable.
Quote Hello,

Please share your support ticket number here so we can investigate by passing it on to CyberLink CS.

FYI, CyberLink doesn't refuse support, they are just experiencing a high number of inquiries during this time. Also, after your response the ticket number is given right away. You can review your active tickets by going to, selecting "My Status" and then "My Support Ticket

YouCam Moderator


1) My original request with attached system documents was dated 5/12/2020. I NEVER received a ticket number or ANY reponse. It was annoted "Open" until this morning it shows "Replied." I NEVER received ANY feedback or ticket number. When I clicked on Details, the page was blank, evenn this morning even though the initial link states "Replied.

On 5/16/2020 I complained about the lack of acknowledgement let alone actual tech support. I referred to my initial 5/12/2020 tech support request. The ticket # of the 5/16 complaint about the 5/12 tech support (no tiicket) is CS002158541 listed as"Open."

In my BBB complaint which will be filed when I am done here I will be requesting as REmedy 1) Immediate overdue tech support (and not some phony pro forma acknowledgement, or request for more files, etc. YOU HAVE THEM; I SENT THEM.; 0r 2) A Full Refund for my purchase.

Everything stated here is documented, and will be attached to my complaint. "Covid-19 ate my Homework" we're too over-welmed to even acknowledge provide a ticket # doesn't cut. Good Day.

I contacted Tech support At the Moderator's request here on 5/12 and 5/16. The 5/16 tech support inquiry was to ask about my original request on 5/12. I provided ALL system documents required on 5/12 It is 5/20, and am waiting action on 5/12 request. I was not even assigned a service ticket. Today I will file a Complaint withe BBB and request a Refund for my purchase of YouCam9 in which Cyberlink refuses to support.

Thank You.
Quote Hello,

Please contact CyberLink technical support about this issue:

YouCam Moderator

I contacted Tech support today and am waiting for a response.

Thank You.
WIN 10 Pro
Soundblaster Z Audio card

I had this problem before. It was corrected once I changed the Win 10 Privacy, Camera, and Microphone settings. It then worked. But, now I have the problem in Subject Line again.
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