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You can't change that color as it really has no color. What you can do is put a colorboard in say track 1 and then your video in track 2 that you are resizing. The background will be the color of your applied colorboard which you can customize to your liking. Once complete, you can delete colorboard if desired.

Use the blue Attachments icon below the reply text input region to attach a pic.


Thank you - that's an excellent work around - I'm just used to Photoshop allowing a 'desktop' colour choice.
I've tried a good look around but there's a chance I'm not using the right term to describe my issue.

I often need videos to be 1,920 X 1,080 even if the clip itslef can't be made to fit that so I'm happy for the output to have a black band either top and bottom, or left and right depending on original clip size.

However the background colour of the preview window is so dark it's near imnpossible for me to accurately size things. Is it possible (and if so how please?) to change the colour. I can't see anything on preferences, tried right click to no avail so a little stuck

I made a screen shot to show this - but can't for the life of me work out how to add it here unless I upload it to the web?

Yes, is appears to be a new feature for audio "waveform" and no user adjustments that I found.

Top half, kind of I guess, but one has some sign flip issues as well. If you take a basic 10hz mono wave or stereo wave with no phase shift between L/R so you have 10 waves in a 1 sec, 60fps timeline so it's very easy to understand what the waveform should look like, one gets the attached pic between PD22 and AD14.

Basically, at best, it appears it can be used to say a track has audio, with complexity and asymmetry existing in real audio, it's not really an accurate time-based waveform.


My electronics engineer head tells me the waveform should exist both sides, however in reality the lack of that is a niggle rather than a disaster
Just fired up the program and found that on normal edit view only the top half of my audio waveform is showing. If I go into editor then both sides are showing.

Anyone know if this as a new 'feature' or am I doing something daft?

I really like to see both sides of a waveforms and being only able to see the top half is niggling me.

Thank you
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