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I just purchased two (2) licenses for Cyberlink Media Suite 16 for two (2) computers. While reviewing the "Apps" button in noticed the Power Media Player and the Power DVD Remote offers available on the Google Play Store. I also noted that my Samsung 9 phone had those programs already loaded. We are given an option of either using the trial version, OR paying $4.99 per month for the paid version.

Let's go witih the Trial for starters.

First Stop: PowerDVD Remote. "Make sure your smart phone and PC are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Following ALL the troubleshooting steps, we verfified that both the smart phone AND the PCs were on the same WiFi network. Result: Unable to Find PowerDVD. So the last step in troubleshooting is paraphrased as follows: You might have purchased our shit, but when it doesn't work, contact GOOGLE to fix our shit for us.

Power Media Player has no capabiity for connecting to shared media on my servers, except by moving the media to the cloud and downloading it to the mobile device. I can do that more securely with a USB connection. Why would I want to buy a program that does the same thing?

These are junk apps.
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