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Quote One problem is multiple compressions.
You have a video file and photos, all compressed from the get-go.
Next you edit and compress to mp4, then use that file to create an mpeg2(vob) which is again compressed.
Try producing your original footage to DVD spec mpeg2, use that file in your disc creation, or use your original video in the timeline to disc creation. Either way you eliminate a generation of compression.

Wow, Thanks Barry

I wasn't aware I was moving between MP4 and Mpeg2, will have a closer look at that.
Many thanks, very busy with family at moment but will try over next day or two.
Cheers, much appreciated

Quote You should start by using RW discs for physical testing, or burn to a folder and view the result in a player software such as free VLC.
Always use quality media, Verbatim is one of the last good ones. Burn at slowest or slower speed. If your TV disc player is smart be sure the firmware is to date.

Hi Barry
Thanks foryour input.
I am actually using Verbatim DVD-R discs which I have always used very successfully with other programmes.
I had previously created an MP4 of the video and this plays perfectly on my PC.
It was from this same MP4 that I was attempting to create my DVD on P2G

I have previously only used P2G for copying DVDs and they have all worked very well with the -R discs.

Since my initial postong I have been able to create a DVD from this MP4 using Wondershare software and that seems to have worked. I did, however, lose a little of the quality as the finished result was only 750mbs whereas the original file was 1gb.

I will try what you say with my Power2Go 12 and see whether it makes any difference.

Many thanks

We need way more information to help you. Did you create a DVD video disc that will play in a conventional DVD player? Why are you choosing this method when it will signifcantly reduce the quality of the video? Just wondering.

What exactly does "not play properly" mean? That is a pretty vague statement.

You should also provide the requested information so we can have a better idea about your current set up:


Hi Dave
Thanks for your reply.
I've chosen to make a DVD to share with family who will want to play this through their TVs on conventional DVD players.

Although the DVD appears to have been completed when processed I have not been able to get it to play properly either on a dvd player or my computer. When it starts the screen freezes and then pixelates while the sound is disjointed.
Difficult to describe it any better.

I am using a Lenovo ThinkCentre E73, fitted with a 1tb SSD operating on Windows 10
I have recently created an MP4 video using MTS video and a few photographs.
I attempted to burn this file to a DVD using Power2go 12 and the finished product will not play properly.

I allowed an update download and then tried again but with no difference.
I selected 'no menu' as the DVD is only 15 minutes.

Any ideas please?

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