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Quote The estimated file size has nothing to do with your original video files size.
It is mainly affected by the total time length of the video files you added to the video disc project.
The longer video you added, the estimated file size is bigger.

It is not an "issue" that requires a fix in the program.

Here are my personal experience for guys who love burning every video files to video disc as backup or collections.

If you burn videos to a DVD-Video disc, the resolution of all the videos will be downsampled to 480P, and the video encoding format will be converted to MPEG-2 encoding format, which the compression rate of MPEG-2 format is much lower than the popular H.264 or H.265 video encoding.

Simply speaking, you will get a much bigger file size after the video conversion (against your original video files), and the quality will be much worse if your video files original resolution is greater than 480P.

In fact, DVD disc is no longer an appropriate media for your video collections if you recorded them by HD or 4K camcorders nowadays.

Because of this, I'm really not a fan of DVD video disc or Blu-ray disc (that the maximum video resolution has 1080p limitation as well). I play my video collections on PC, smart phone, and TV box/dongle instead as it reserves the video quality as much as possible, and it has optimized playback flexibility.

Anyway, try use Smart Fit profile to burn your videos to DVD video disc, but the tradeoff is that you will get pretty suck video quality if the total time length of your video files is very long.

Thank you. Much better than the lack of an answer from cyberlink.
I did work out that there was a problem with the original capture. I Recaptured the video and all works fine.
After burn several home movies to video disc, the program now tells me that the product is too large for the disc I use. I have used two different brands of 4.7g discs, and just tried a dbl sided 8.5g disc with the same results.
P2Go lists the same numbers as to available space and required space regardless of whether I use a 4.7g disc or an 8.5g disc.
Windws tells me the file I am burning is 1.8g as avi. or 2.33g as mp4. These sizes are smaller than thee files I burned successfully before. Also, I tried to reburn the files I burned successfully before and had the same issue.
P2Go lists available space as 1775.4 gig and the required space as 7434MB.
I can click to burn anyway and it is always unsuccessful.
Has anyone ever had an issue similar to this? I already have a support ticket in(I hope), but sometimes it is faster to check to see if anyone has had and corrected this issue.
I'm using powertogo 8. Until now I have been burning wma cds for my veheicle. They will not play on a particular dvd player elsewhere. That player will evidently not play wma formatted files.
My problem is that while I read in the help section about how to burn mp3 cds, I cannot find any option to do so. Only wav or wma formats.
I am trying to cram as many music files as I can on this cd.
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