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For me, sometimes it requires re-activation, sometimes not. Quite random. I activate the copy I'm using, then when I go home at night, I activate the version at home.

It never used to be this way before, but it's at least pretty easy to resolve...just annoying.
Same problem here, first time ever.

Activation limit reached. Unless the limit is zero, I've not exceeded it.

Perhaps further thought will be given to the suggestion that nothing out of the ordinary is occurring.
Quote Hi folk,

The clip/movie mode button has been removed, we understand that CL found that most users enabled the "movie mode" most of the time.

With some brief testing, we can't confirm that the previous configuration alters the behaviour post update but others may test that where possible.

The Preferences>Return to beginning switch makes the scubber return to the start, or stop, after preview reaches the last item on the timeline.

So, taking a new look at what is required in this context, we might review a wider approach?

We can always use the spacebar or pause to halt the scubber wherever we want, rather than using stop.

We can utilise the range selection tool to preview single clips, but that is a bit cumbersome - however, how often do we want to just review a single clip, more often we might want to review a series or part of a series, including transitions and audio to see what our edits look and sound like?

So we can use the range selection to cover the edits we want and, depending on how the Preferences switch is configured, the range is treated as a "mini-movie" and the scubber will stop at the end of the range or return to the start of the range.

The range is reset by clicking anywhere outside the range.

Whilst it is different, it is a more versatile and flexible tool than just clip or movie mode. Yes, it's not quite as "simple" but considerably more useful?

Also, used in conjunction with the one click render preview button, it can make editing more flexible and easier?

PowerDirector Moderator

I'm having a very hard time determining WHY this is more versatile and flexible than being able to choose clip or movie mode. Moreover, this was implemented without any announcement. I've wasted plenty of time trying to figure out what the secret combination is to be able to get the cursor to behave the way I want it...and have yet to discover it. What I DO know is that before the update, I selected one of two buttons. Surely more versatile and flexible.
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