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I didn't say AVIs are not supported, I said this type of AVI and my recordings are from a video camera from several years ago AND these same files worked in version 17 of PowerDirector but not in the latest version 18.
WOW! Some customer support they have here. Instead of saying that this AVI type is NO LONGER supported in PowerDirector (as is the case) or that they've introduced a bug that they don't want to fix (or maybe this is the case), their sticking by the idea that it was never supported in PowerDirector based on their statements to me.

As I've stated earlier, my files weren't created by Fraps but by a Panasonic SD video camera from a few years ago.

I'm just glad I didn't put a lot of money into this software and hope to get at least a partial refund. I cannot deal with a company like this.

I'm not sure if you're referring to Fraps clips or AVIs in general. 4:2:2 sampling is most likely the roadblock for PD, but as I posted above, there's certainly a fix for HuffYUV and likely Fraps clips as well. It may also work for your UYUY clip.

If not, you could upload your sample clip to DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc and paste the link to it here and I can see if there's an easy way to get PD18 to edit it. You can always convert the clip with VDub2 or Handbrake to 4:2:0 and it should work.

Thanks for your reply. These AVI files were created with an older (2010-2012) Panasonic SD video camera and the problem I have with converting or doing anything with them is that they worked in version 17 of PD as well as other video editing apps.

Since it appears that others are also having problems too, Cyberlink should fix this bug rather than force us to do conversions or something else.

I just bought the subscription/365 program 3 months ago when it worked with my files. If their response to their bug is basically TOO BAD, then I won't be renewing or recommending their products. As far as I'm concerned, there's no excuse for this kind of "support".

Now, if I can revert to version 17, at least I'll have something I can work with until the end of my subscription.
Good luck with AVI files everybody.

Support is now saying this:
With regard to your concern, after checking the AVI video, the video codec of the AVI video is UYUY video codec with 4:2:2 chroma sampling. Please be informed that this codec is not supported in PowerDirector.

The file that I sent them worked in version 17 of PowerDirector but not new version 18. So PD appears to be broken and they don't seem to want to fix it.
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