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Quote Hi SteveAB -

This is as old as the hills, but the same things still apply.

In short, the only ways to slow the scrolling text down are to:

  1. increase total duration, or

  2. decrease the number of words/lines

Conversely, the only ways to speed up the scrolling text are to:

  1. decrease total duration, or

  2. increase the number of words/lines (e.g. by inserting blank lines)

Cheers - Tony

Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll have a go but really don't want to extend the total time of the video.

Regards, Steve
Quote In most of the templates the speed is determinded by the length of the title in your timeline, and the amount of text. Which make sense of course. 100 text entries in 5 seconds, will make the text run very fast..
Try making the title longer or shorter and see what happens.

Depending on your version (e.g.19 or 365) of PD there may be no need to download adidtional scrolling text templates, because there are some in the Credit/Scroll entry already.

Furthermore, look and see how the experts do it by searching in Youtube for PD scrolling texts. There are some good examples out there.
Have fun!

thanks very much for taking the time to answer. I will follow your lead and look further into this.
I have downloaded a template for Scrolling Text to use as credits at the end of a video but the text scrolls way to fast. How can I slow it down and then have it end on a static image. Thanks
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