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I thought I had, so thank you for letting me know. I tried everything but the ISO image, since I didn't want to waste another blank DVD. I had no problems writing to any other DVDs from the spindle, and I haven't had any problems in years with Verbatim discs so I'm pretty sure that's not the problem. It's as if it gets a certain way and can't or won't go any more.

I opened a proper support ticket just now. :


Quote Since you paid for this program, then maybe find cyberlink customer support for help is better.

Couple hints to distinguish it's program issue or source clip issue or disc/burner issue, maybe you can try,

  1. Try burn to an iso image or DVD folder, does it still crash?

  2. Try another video clip, does it still crash?

  3. If above 2 are nagative, then try another DVD blank disc, does it still crash?

I just bought P2G 12 yesterday...I've used the product for decades. I can burn a data DVD just fine. When I try to burn a Video DVD, it gets halfway through and crashes. I thought it might be the SmartFit, but on the last try I did not use that and kept the file sizes below the max for a DVD, and it still crashed. I can't open my DVD writer drive when this happens, and have to reboot. I've attaed the dxdiag file.
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