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Quote I am almost sure that the camera came with recording/playback software that you can use. Unfortunately, none of my windows players, vlc, or Cyberlink software will play the audio on mine. There is no standard on security camera recordings that allows them to be played on 3rd party players. Your best bet may be to convert it with say handbrake.

Others may chime in if they know a solution or maybe a workaround.

I think that the revording has sounf but cannot be played by players other that what came with the camera. Thanks.
Hello. I purchased this from the MS Store because this is the first one that came up as being able to play .264 video format (Expensive). But when I play a file that was created by a camera, there is no sound! When I go to settings, while the player is playing (or when the video has stopped), I cannot change the Audio output device. What am I missing?

Thanks in advance.


Update: It plays sound on other videos (.MOV, .MP3, etc.) but not on the .264 created by an ICAMI surveilance camera!
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