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Quote i didn't receive any distortion sound condition in powerdvd when playing my movie collections.

Do you apply any audio effects for the playback in powerdvd?
Not recommend to add any excessive or additional surround sound enhancements as a blu-ray movie usually already has tuned/optimized surround sound from professional movie studio and editors.

your blu-ray player or earlier version of powerdvd might not have those audio adjustment functions like new version powerdvd.
Try to disable them and check the playback again.
e.g. truetheater audio enhancement, or other surround sound adding effects in powerdvd audio settings.

OK, I went into the audio settings and noticed it was set to PCM decoded by PowerDVD. I set it to "non-decoded high-definition audio to external device" and that fixed it.

Thanks for the help.
I am currently using the latest release of PowerDVD 18. I'm using it on my HTPC, sending audio out through my GTX 1050 to my Onkyo tx-nr777.

The sound seting on Windows 7 is 7.1 channel out, PowerDVD is outputting PCM.

The problem is with The Incredibles 2, the center channel in certain high sound action scenes has horrible high mid to high frequency scratching sounds.

At first I thought it was my speaker so I swapped it out, then I swapped the video card, then I swapped the HDMI cable, then I checked the speaker wiring. Nothing fixed the issue.

Then I hooked up an external bluray player and played the same movie. No distorion.

Then I tried powerDVD 12 and the problem was NOT there. Then I tried PowerDVD 11 and the problem was NOT there.

Something is broken in PowerDVD 18's codec or mixing.

Please fix.

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