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I'm also getting like others many mis-identifications of DVDs from my box set. Specifically it identifies "Charmed - Season 1" (Charmed - The Complete First Season) and the other DVD season disks incorrectly.

They are from a wooden travel chest DVD box set, originally sold as "Charmed - The Complete Seasons 1-8 Box Set". Each season of disks from the box set has around 6 disks in it.

Currently it is identifying the disks in PowerDVD as "The Last Days of Disco" which it most certainly is not.

Please correct this issue with mis-identification as it is still present even now when running PowerDVD 18. This causes much issue with getting the correct info posted. As I'm using the social features of your service - though posting incorrect identifications activity doesn't help one bit!

There's a serious real need for linking IMDb id or equivilent to the movie being played in PowerDVD or other applications using it to generally ensuring the identification matches the actual contents. As currently it really isn't happening due to all the mis-identifications of what is about to be played. Due to it only linking the record to the title currently which unfortunately for several optical media based storage and/or files doesn't typically ensure a correct match.

If incorrect information has been posted to MoovieLive for the box set can it please be corrected!! Record on MoovieLive for "Charmed: The Complete 1st Season" is completely incorrect (especially the Synposis)! Which in this case is from the "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" tv series specifically it's Season 1.
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