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Quote Hello,

You are referring to the Power2Go 10 program that is a part of Media Suite. Here is the user's guide for Power2Go 10, if that is actually the version you are using:

By the way, what you are trying to do...copy PDF and DOC files from a burned don't need Power2Go or any program to fo this. Just go to Window Explorer, find your disc drive, right click on it and then select "Open". On the disc you should find the files, and you can simple copy and paste them to your desktop or other location.

Let me know if you have more questions.


I do know that proceedure. I was trying to see what was the benefit of loading "Media Suite" from the CD that came with my DELL external CD drive. Was it just a ploy to add software that needs to be updated, for a fee?
Quote Hello Kim,

The user guide for CyberLink Media Suite 10 can be found here:

I am not sure from your description what you are trying to do. Are you trying to install the software on your computer?


David: The software has been loaded and when I go to the option tabs there is nothing to retreive data of an existing disc. If I click on Utilities tab, the only option is to EXTRACT FILES FROM A DISC IMAGE and it only displays Folders. looks like the only file types are Image files (*.p2i *. iso *.rdf)
I'm not finding any option to retrieve Data such as .PDF .docx .dwg .txt etc
Just loaded Media Suite 10 onto Portable DVD Writer.
I can see folder names when I read an existing disc. Buth none of the files (*.doc, .pdf, *.dwg) in folder show up.
Haven't found an actual user manual for this software.
Does anybody know where to find manual or how to get file name to display on existing CDs, that were written a few years ago?
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