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Quote I downloaded the 9.0 youcam some months ago. Today I decided to purchase the upgrade so that I could use all the features in the app. Problem is, I am unable to find any area in the opened software app to register it properly. I received the order confirmation with info to download the upgrade in a link. So I did, but it tells me that I dont have the 6.0,7.0,8.0 version. WTH? Other apps have a much simpler way to go about with upgrades. Most of them have a link where you can register your upgrade (registration key) in your free version...directly in the open app dashboard...but cyberlink seem to be missing it. So dissapointing and annoying. Any ideas how to get this done. Paid for the product and want to start using it. agrr....I did register for an account after purchase as I was redirected to their main site for this. Nowhere did it say anything that maybe you should register with an account before you purchase upgrade either. Weird...not very user friendly.

Thank you for asking this question. I have been working for hours rtrying to find a solution. I agree! Not at all user friendly!


You say you downloaded version 9 and then upgraded? I guess you are saying you used the free Essential version and then decided to purchase the full version of YouCam 9? Is that correct?

Two things here. You need to purchase the full version when you bought it, not the upgrade version. The upgrade version is for people who had previously bought version 7 or 8 of YouCam. That is why you are getting the message you received. It clearly says that on the upgrade page:

So it looks like what you need to do is get a refund for the upgrade version you purchased (you have 30 days, so should be no problem). Then purchase the full version here:

Once you have purchased the full new version, uninstall YouCam Essentials first, and then download, install the full version, and then enter your new product key.

You are kidding me! I had a previous version of youcam, and upgraded to 9. In the meantime, I had that computer die, and so installed youcam on the new computer and of course, downloaded youcam9. Like the person above, I have been unable to find a place to enter my key, and so am unable to use all of the new features.

So if I understand you, I need to uninstall version 9, reinstall an older version, and then reinstall version 9 again, in order to enter my valid upgrade key. I agree with the previous poster.... not very user friendly... Not only is the process laborious and unintuitive, it has cost me a couple of hours to track down the solution. But, I am at least grateful for your answer, that pointed me to the solution. Regards, Rich
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