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Hi curtain!

First, thanks! "Scrubbing" ... ' been searching my "fat drive" (aka brain) for that word for a while.. I settled for "scratching", you know like one does with vinyl records. English is not my native language (Norwegian!)

Scrubbing in other editors at "high/FHD/UHD" settings is much smoother, and I even think my PD16 was much smoother on my Intel Core i5... I don't use shadow files for FD or FHD material, or rather I didn't have to before.

The process of finding exactly where to cut is time consuming and important in my "keep it simple video edit strategy". Smooth scrubbing is essential, and I think most people will appreciate that. Even my phone scrub trough 4K material like a breez...

BTW my account name was just hiding behind the "Welcome. View all tutorials here" message. I just have to trust the "CyberLink Application Manager" to ceep me up to date on builds.

Well, I have loads of time to spend in front of my computer this winter, just waitiing for spring and summer... hopefully PD will improve.

I have a Intel i9700 system at work, so I can test it with a trial version of PD. If it's quicker I might just swap CPU and motherboard with my home rig.

Critical performance lag in editor...

OK, not happy, but render speed is not critical as I don't produce for paying customers.

As of now I can play 3D games with, even with raytracing, with the spare CPU cycles when rendering wink

My biggest grape is the sad performance in the editor. Just scratching and searching the clip is horrendous. Lots of CPU, GPU, disk and RAM speed to draw on, so something is wrong with the software is my guess. Clip in video is 1280x720 @ 120fps

Compared to other editors its just not good right now. Check video above.
That's sad, as I've been using PD15 and 16 for years and feel proficient in the workflow of it.

The "Optimized for Ryzen 3000" statement is marked with a "New" sticker on the Cyberlink page, but how can I be certain I have the latest build... is runing the "CyberLink Application Manager" a way to assure runing the latest version?

AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
32GB DDR4 3200Mhz
Nvidia RTX 2060 w/Studio Drivers
2x 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus (PCIe 3.0 NVMe, 3500mbps drives!)
Win 10 (1909build)
Quote KnutHel99, for those type of CPU/GPU stats you've done something with the clip on the timeline, like applied LUT, color correction....?


Yes. Rendertime is a lot shorter without LUT and other corrections... But even wthout it only has about 50% CPU utilization.. and GPU encoding is also very low.

That potentially is not normal, post a pic of your "Produce" encode settings so one can verify produce specifics and such.


util" alt="" border="0" />
Confirm it "works" but as previous post states it hardly brakes a sweat. Never goes over 50% CPU utillization. Slow.

I also use a RTX 2060 and its 2-3% utilization on Video Encoding.

32GB DDR4 3200Mhz and 2x 1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus M2 NVMe drives should not be a bottleneck.

I just seems my Core i5 4460, 16GB, regular SATA SSD was faster.

Scratching/searching in a clip only updates picture when i release the marker, whereas Filmora and Premier shows smooth and fast scratching.
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