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Quote Hello Hazg,

Welcome to the DZ forum.

I'm surprised you needed to download Notebook (with transitions). That template is typically part of most versions of PDR.

You'll find the template in 1. Theme Designer, 2. Magic Styles & 3. Magic Movie Wizard.

If you really want to delete a template (any downloaded or custom template) you can right-click on it in a library and select "Delete from Disc".


Thank you for your prompt response. I was able to locate it in 1 and 3 above but not 2 Is there a reason that it's not able to
be located with the search bar?

Non-the-less, I appreciate your response.

- Peace -
Hi, I have seen this topic raised by others and I have read all offered solutions and none have resolved the problem.

Windows 10 Pro
PowerDirector 15

I downloaded "Notepad with transisions" successfully I have PD-15 and the effect states that it will work from 12 to PD-16.

I double clicked the file in the download directory and it was successfully installed.

I cannot locate the effect and I have the correct aspect ratio chosen and for grins and giggles I chose other aspects ratios and
still cannot locate the effect. But the effect downloaded is listed as 16:9

I have rebooted the computer just to ensure that everything is fresh and restarted the program to only discover that I still cannot locate the efffect.

Please offer logical solutions.

Additonally, is there a way to uninstall effects? Where would the effect be located for I couldn't see it in the Power Directory effect directory?

The above was presented in a respectful manner and I would expect any solutions given to be given in kind.

Thank you
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