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The TV/HDMI output is a copy of the monitor it's NOT one or the other.

The Leawo(sic) software works fine. on both screens.

The Laptop is new this christmas but I'll see if there is an update for the graphics card.

Quote Hello,
Two things, you can only play it on either the TV or the laptop, so change your display setting.

Two, as I mentioned three times, update your graphics card. What you describe is a symptom of either a graphics card that needs updating.

Yes the other sw works.

I get a solid green screen on the TV with powerdvd, but the laptop monitor shows the movie.

Quote Playing Blu-rays to your TV?
That other freebee software works.

Quote Hello,

It might be that your TV is not HDCP compliant. Not sure what your setup is.

Did you update your graphics card too?

That partially worked. I can see the movie on the Laptop but not on the TV connected via the HDMI cable

Quote Hello,

Playing Blu-rays on a PC has a lot of variables that need to be met. For PowerDVD 12, you need to ensure you have the latest version. These AACS keys are updated regularly by the movie studios, so you need to keep updating PowerDVD.

Open PowerDVD 12, press the "I" key on your keyboard, and then check the "Updates" tab. There will probably be an update for you to download.

Make sure you also update your graphics card driver and your burner's firmware, as the keys are also updated through them as well. Yes, it is that complicated.

I just got a Pioneer blu-ray burner it came with Media Suite 10. Powerdvd 12
When I play a blu-ray I get an error that the aacs? is not supported.

another freeware sw did work.
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