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Thanks! I will try this! :


You can always create a new black background image in another image software such as Gimp or Paint and import that into PhotoDirector.

In Windows Paint 3D, Make sure brush is selected on top. Click on the black color. Click on the Bucket Fill button. Go to Menu/Save As/Image/Give a filename and click the save button. You can import this in PhotoDirector for use.
Thanks so much for this helpful reply. This is exactly what I would wish to do.... -- But drats! -- I've got PhotoDirector8! Is there no way to do this in the older version?

Quote Hello lissu,

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You certainly can! In the Edit module (Layers), you can select "Create Empty Project" & follow the dialogue prompts to set your preferences.

This applies to PhD11/PhD365 & PhD10, but not to earlier versions.

Hello, can you begin layering with the background layer as a blank (what I'd like is black) background? I want to have a plain black background, almost like a frame, and then set the photo, texts, etc., on that.
Thanks for your help!
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